Happy Mooncake Festival! Aka the Mid-Autumn Festival (Autumn over in Asia). I headed to Canberra’s first Mooncake Festival held at the Kingston Old Bus Depot last weekend. Sadly, there was really only one stall selling mooncakes but I made my purchases anyway (I didn’t have time to go to Dickson and look in the various Asian grocers).

As it’s just me that eats them (they are an acquired taste), I generally go for the non-traditional mooncakes as they’re cheaper and I like the different flavours.

This year, I decided on the Casahana (Malaysia) two-pack ($18) with green tea milk and espresso chestnut, and the October Fifth Bakery’s (Macau) assorted mooncake pastries ($24 for 6) in coconut moon, lotus seed with single egg yolk, and rose and red bean paste.


The individual mooncake pastries were smaller than the usual mooncakes with a flakier pastry. They’re also individual wrapped in a small plastic bubble so they won’t be damaged if you accidentally drop them. So far the coconut moon is my favourite!


These will last me a good month or so. Best enjoyed with tea 🙂


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