*I was invited to dine as a guest, however all opinions are my own.

I was contacted by Silvio, one of the owners of Pizza Artigiana in Macquarie, to come try their pizzas. The small eatery is tucked away behind the Jamison shops and opened in August 2015. Owning a pizzeria had been a passion for Silvio for many years, and the timing just happened to be right when the space at Pizza Artigiana became available. You’re instantly hit with the Italian passion for pizza and soccer with the awesome feature wall done up by Silvio’s business partner and part owner of the eatery, the Italian colours of red, green and white, and the flat screen tv showing the latest footy or soccer game.

Pizza Artigiana Canberra

Icy cold Italian beers are available as well as Italian drinks such as limoncello, chinotto and aranciata. There was something different on the soft drink menu – Mole Cola, so I decided to try this out. Made in Turin, Silvio told me it is like regular coca cola but not as sweet, and I agree with him. We were provided with mixed olives and bread sticks to begin with.

Pizza Artigiana starter

The menu is entirely about the pizza with 14 pizzas on the menu as well as 2 calzones, all baked in the wood fired pizza oven.

Pizza Artigiana wood fire oven

As soon as I saw that there was a potato and sausage pizza, it was a no-brainer and I had to try it! The patata e salsiccia, aka the Paola, (all pizzas are named after family members – usually $19) consisted of thinly sliced potato, small chunks of Italian pork sausage without the skin, olive oil, mozzarella and thyme. The first thing I noticed was the exceptionally tasty thin soft dough. It was wonderfully soft but still managed to uphold the light pizza toppings and had a puffy soft crust. I usually don’t eat the crust of pizzas (why the extra carbs?) but couldn’t help but eat these crusts – the pizza dough was so good! The sausage was flavoursome and so tasty and everything was brought together with a smattering of thyme on top. A very simple but delicious pizza.

Pizza Artigana patate salsiccia

Back to the dough, Silvio mentioned his dough is a mix between Neapolitan and Roman pizza, where in Naples the pizza is very soft and almost bread-like with a soft puffed crust, while in Rome the pizza is thinner and crispier with a crispy crust. The dough at Pizza Artigiana have a 3 day rise in order to ferment and develop a deeper flavour. It is cooked in the wood-fired oven at 400 degrees on the bottom and 550 degrees on top, with the pizza ready in about 90 seconds. The pizza dough had bite, chewiness and a slightly salty flavour on its own. Not your regular bland pizza base.

J ordered the salame e ricotta, aka the Giuseppe ($19) which consisted of crispy spicy salami, ricotta and mozzarella. Again, minimal toppings but with so much flavour. The soft ricotta complemented the spicy salami, and the dough was still fabulous. We were both very satisfied with our meals.

Pizza Artigiana Canberra salame

Best of all, there was no need to guzzle about 3 glasses of water afterwards which is what usually happens when I eat pizza. The pizzas weren’t too salty and I think it’s also in the way the dough was made. Unfortunately, there are no plans to make gluten free pizza bases yet. I like the fact that they only concentrate on pizza here, no garlic bread or other items to distract you. However, there is a gelato bar with about 7 flavours with one scoop setting you back $4. The dining area is quite small with only two small tables and bar seating inside, and a few larger communal outdoor tables, but take away is available.

Pizza Artigiana outside

Pizza Artigiana offers simplicity at its best. Both J and I were very impressed with the pizza dough and loved both of the pizzas we chose. Happy to go back for more!

Pizza Artigiana Canberra pizza

Service was fantastic and Silvio often mingles to get to know all of his diners. He even remembers his regular’s orders! Pizza Artigiana is located at 37 Bowman Street in Macquarie, (next to the newsagent). It’s open every night except Wednesday, and recently opened for lunch on Sunday.

Foodgasm 9/10
Value for money 9/10
Service 10/10

FPJ score 28/30

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