The 2016 Enlighten Night Noodle Markets commence on Friday 4 March 2016 at 5pm at Reconciliation Place.

After last year’s feedback, the space for this year’s markets has apparently doubled. Here’s hoping, remember these intertwining queues from last year? And the sun hadn’t even set yet!

Enlighten Night Noodle Markets crowds

More stalls have been added on. Here’s the line up:

  • Bao Stop – mmm peking duck fries
  • Black Star Pastry – featuring 3 desserts including the signature strawberry watermelon cake, and a cake smash in partnership with N2 Extreme Gelato.
  • Chairman & Yip
  • Lilotang
  • Everybody Loves Ramen – looks like the sakura burger will be popular
  • Hoy Pinoy – delicious meat on a stick, i think the glazes will be similar to last year
  • Korean Chip on a stick
  • Donburi Station
  • East Street Canberra
  • Kiyamachi Tei
  • Kusina
  • Lets Do Yum Cha (stall plus food truck)
  • Mini Pancakes
  • Miss Vans
  • Mr. Papa – offering Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine, known as Nikkei
  • Soi Noodle Bar
  • Spanthai
  • Teppanyaki Noodles
  • Thai in a Box (food truck)
  • Thirst Wine Bar
  • Waffle on a Stick
  • Zagyoza

The Night Noodle Market menu items can be found here. A map of the venue and location of stalls can be found here.

As per last year’s tips:

  1. Get there early and be prepared. If you do get there by 5pm, it might be worth bringing a hat, sunnies and sunscreen as it’s quite hot in the sun with not much shade available. There’s also a chance of showers, so an umbrella is a good idea too. A picnic blanket might be handy if you don’t want to sit on the grass. There will be some free water at the main site as well as designated water filling stations, so bring a water bottle.
  2. Go with friends to divide and conquer. Queue up at different stalls then meet at a predetermined spot to share the bounty. This increases food options and if there’s at least two of you in each queue, you can have a good ol catch up while waiting.
  3. Strategise. Of all the stalls listed, plan for which ones you want to visit that night. If price is an important factor, quickly take photos of the menu and prices to help you keep track of what you want to buy. Remember the markets are on for 10 nights so you can plan what to eat throughout those nights.
  4. Have dessert first. Last year it was N2 Extreme Gelato with one of the biggest queues. This year it’s Black Star Pastry and I am very much looking forward to trying out the cake smash! Many save dessert for last but with the crowds I saw last year, this might not be the best move. Life’s too short, eat dessert first!
  5. Wear comfortable walking shoes. And for goodness sake, don’t wear heels unless you want to sink into the grass. The markets are set on the lawns at Reconciliation Place which can be uneven in certain spots. When it gets dark and you’ve had one too many, comfy shoes will be worthwhile. Plus you can then walk around to see the light projections and other activities as part of Enlighten.

Happy night noodling!

Enlighten Night Noodle Markets lanterns lit up

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