Some friends and I had dinner at My’s restaurant in Weston Creek during the week. My’s is a medium-sized restaurant with plenty of golf awards and paraphernalia dotted around the place. The restaurant was nearly packed when we got there on a Wednesday night. Laminated menus are left on the tables and is split into various meat dishes, vegetarian dishes and house specials. Apart from the beef pho, the dishes didn’t seem traditionally Vietnamese, rather they were leaning more towards Chinese Malaysian. We decided to go with the first banquet option at $26 per person that came with spring rolls, soup, three mains with fried rice and steamed rice.

About 10 minutes later, our entree arrived. We were surprised to receive two serves of spring rolls – two each! The spring rolls were stuffed full of pork mince and vegetables. We liked that it was very meaty and not the usual vegetarian spring rolls.

My's Restaurant spring rollsWe were surprised again when we found out we each got to choose whatever soup we wanted. One ordered the wonton soup, one the chicken sweet corn soup and J and I both ordered the crab meat and sweet corn soup. Unfortunately, the crab meat wasn’t real crab meat but the seafood extender/fake crab meat stuff. It looks like the restaurant makes a massive stock pot of corn soup and then either add chicken meat or seafood extender depending on what is ordered. This was highly disappointing so you have been warned.

My's Restaurant crab corn soupThe wonton soup looked okay with one fat wonton in it.

My's Restaurant wonton soupThe fried rice had the Chinese sausage lap cheong mixed in it. There wasn’t much flavour in the rice so I thought that made it quite flat and boring. The salty lap cheong did help but the overall rice dish seemed hastily thrown together and just wasn’t to my liking.

My's restaurant fried riceFor our mains, we got to choose one chicken, one seafood and one beef dish. As long as each dish was under $22, we were allowed to pick from the house specials menu as well. We started with the caramelised pork and prawns as part of our seafood option. The pork strips are thin but super tasty and there were about 6 massive King prawns in the dish. The pork and prawns were not caramelised in any sense, but the sauce was sweet and everything was cooked well. This was actually the best of the three mains.

My's Restaurant Weston Creek pork and prawnsThe flaming chicken with onion, shallots and capsicum in Hoisin sauce was placed on the table before the outside of the bowl was lit up with a torch. We waited for the flames to stop before getting stuck into it. The dish was very strong with Hoisin sauce and not much else. However there was a decent portion of chicken and plenty of chunks of capsicum.

My's Restaurant Weston Creek flaming chickenI’d had the Chef’s special beef hot pot here over about two years ago and remember it being mouthwatering and tender so this was my choice for the third main. I was disappointed to find that the beef wasn’t how I remembered – it was a lot more dry this time around. On the up side, the sauce in the hot pot was beefy and full of flavour and I enjoyed eating this with the rice.

My's Restaurant Weston Creek beef hot potOverall, I didn’t really like the dishes that we selected. This food experience was the complete opposite of my previous experiences here where I absolutely loved the dishes so I am disappointed. On the plus side, I liked the fact that we got two serves of spring rolls, got to choose our own soups (not the same soup for the whole table), and that there was fresh mini salad served on top of each of our mains. Serving sizes are decent and the service was quick considering the restaurant was packed for a Wednesday night.

I should mention another trip to My’s for lunch a few months earlier where I enjoyed the beef pho. Massive bowl, lots of flavoursome broth and plenty of rare beef.

My's Vietnamese Weston Creek beef phoMy’s Vietnamese can be found on Brierly Street at the Weston Creek shops. Open seven days for lunch and dinner. Take away is available.

My's Vietnamese outsideFoodgasm 6/10
Value for money 8/10
Service 9/10

FPJ score 23/30

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