A new coffee shop, Tupelo Coffee Co, opened up in Civic last month. Located in the Sydney building on Alinga Street, you’ll spot the cafe with its low wooden tables and crates with wooden seats. Inside, it’s sleek and pristine white indicating this is a no-nonsense cafe that’s all about the coffee.

Tupelo Coffee Co Canberra counterAll coffee beans are from Code Black Roasters in Melbourne. Coffee prices are marked clearly with the stallion setting you back $4, the 8oz at $4.50 and the 12oz at $5. Other drinks such as tea, chocolate milk and iced coffee is also available. I’ve never had filter coffee so decided to try the 8oz filter coffee ($3) that day. The friendly bearded guys behind the counter explained the filtered coffee process – the main difference being the coffee isn’t brewed at the high pressure a normal coffee is, making filtered coffee sweeter and more light-bodied. While smelling the coffee, I could immediately sense much sweeter notes. Filtered coffee seems to be healthier too (without sugar) as the filter removes the nasty substances but lets the antioxidants through. Much lighter and definitely not as sweet as my usual mocha.

Tupelo Coffee Co Canberra filtered coffeeThe chalk board outside listing jaffles caught my eye. I went back to the counter fully intending to purchase the 3x cheese jaffle ($7) advertised but was told they also have a pumpkin, pesto, spinach and mozzarella jaffle. Oh yes please!

Tupelo Canberra jaffleI loved it! Pumpkin and pesto work so well together. The stringy mozzarella is a bonus and it’s all packaged up in a warm parcel. For $7, this is a cheap meal and a great healthy start to your day. My entire breakfast cost me $10.

Tupelo Coffee Co Canberra jaffleI’m really happy with the jaffle here and am glad I got to try filter coffee. The guys are very friendly and happy to explain all things coffee.

Tupelo is open Monday to Friday from 7-4, and Saturday from 10-2.

Foodgasm 8/10
Price 9/10
Service 9/10

FPJ score 26/30

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