Tucked away on the corner of Mort and Bunda Street in the city, is newly opened Superfine Cafe serving coffee, breakfast and lunch.

Superfine Cafe Canberra

Some signage out the front gives you an indication of the types of goodies sold here.

Superfine Canberra signDid you know that both owners are Olympians? Zuzana, who competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and various other international competitions as a race walker is now retired, while her partner Evan is still in training as a 100m and 200m sprinter in the Paralympic Games. He’s won 5 Gold medals for Australia and is the world record holder for these categories in the T38 sprint events. Wow! Both trained at Canberra’s AIS arena and wanted to start up a new challenge with Superfine. You may recognise Zuzana from Dream Cuisine where she worked as the barista there for two years.

Superfine Canberra counter

So what’s behind the name Superfine? The cafe was originally going to be set up south of Yass and named after the superfine wool grown in the area. When the couple decided to open up in Canberra instead, the name stuck.

Superfine Canberra inside

In his free time, Evan is also a landscape architect and his influence is shown throughout the cafe. Both Suzana and Evan have put their heart and soul into the cafe. I love that it is decorated with their own passions and interests – old lifting blocks from the AIS are reused as seats.

Superfine Canberra tables

The couple have made the space look and feel as natural as possible with plenty of plants, wooden and metal decor. I was impressed to hear that the plywood against the walls have been stained with coffee extract (the same coffee sold at the cafe) for a more natural look. I never would have guessed.

Superfine Canberra seating

Onto the food. Superfine offers a few breakfast options such as chia seed pudding, toast, banana bread and waffles. I decided on the full size waffle ($9.50) which isn’t on the menu but can be made. This has Zuzana’s own mix of muesli and paleo granola, natural yoghurt and sliced bananas on it with a side of maple syrup. I’m told that a gluten-free option can be made as well. I’ve never had a waffle with muesli and yoghurt on it before, but it works and I loved it! The muesli and nuts gives a yummy crunch, while the bananas and maple syrup provide sweetness, and the yoghurt a bit of sourness. Surprisingly filling. I could definitely eat this again. I also ordered a soy mocha which was $4 for a small plus 70c for soy milk.

Superfine Canberra waffle

Superfine has a ‘Koffee Karma’ board where if you treat a friend to a coffee, they will place a voucher on the board for them to claim another coffee.

Superfine Canberra coffee karma

The chia seed pudding looks fantastic and the couple tell me a chia seed pudding using cold drip coffee is in the works. I’ll need to try that out next time!

Superfine Cafe Canberra sign

Superfine Cafe is open 7-3 Monday to Friday. There are no current plans to open on weekends however a few special events may be pursued in future. Check out the Superfine Cafe Facebook page for more details and pics.

Foodgasm 7/10
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