After a venture to Broadbeach to dine at the wonderful Social Eating House + Bar, I wanted to go back to the area to try out a brunch spot. I picked Elk Espresso mainly due to its close proximity and that fact that I was hungry. Located in what looks like the ground floor of an old apartment block on a quiet suburban street, Elk Espresso stood out with its funky turquoise and green coloured chairs and several brunchers dining outside.

The fit out inside evokes an urban hipster feel with the use of what looks like beach polished wood for the tables, the use of crates as shelves, some greenery hanging from the walls, and branches (that look a little like elk antlers) suspended from the ceiling. The colours black and white are used cleverly giving extra depth to the relatively small space inside.

Vases and bottles filled with fresh flowers adorn every table.

The restaurant’s feature wall has been kept raw and unpolished with a drawing of an elk in the middle of it all.

My partner ordered the Dirty Chai ($4.50) for something different. I ordered the Lindt Mocha with soy ($5) and was expecting a Lindt ball or similar to be dissolved in the glass. There were a few shavings of Lindt chocolate on the top which I’d scooped up with my spoon to lick. Little did I know that that was all the Lindt chocolate in the drink. There was no chocolate at the bottom of the glass or much powder mixed throughout the mocha.

The menu looked unique and there were a few dishes I wanted to try.

I decided on the corned beef croquettes with sauteed kale, black pudding, fried egg and celeriac remoulade ($16.50). There was only one croquette which was thick, fat and crispy when I cut into it. I was disappointed as it was more of a potato croquette with small slivers of corned beef and I found it to be bland. The star of the meal was the black pudding – moist, not too oily and enough saltiness to balance out the croquette. The fresh and crunchy celeriac remoulade is worth noting, providing a beautifully cold contrast with the light mustard used. I don’t think the fried egg added much value apart from the fact that it made the meal more of a breakfast dish.

Inside the croquette – you can see a small sliver of corned beef

My partner ordered the chorizo quesadilla with crispy potatoes, oven roasted roma tomatoes, avocado feta mash and two poached eggs. The ‘crispy potatoes’ were really just packet potato chips.

The chorizo had been blended with tomato into a smooth paste which filled the quesadilla. We couldn’t really taste the chorizo, just a lot of saltiness. I think it’s a great concept but would’ve liked some thick chunks of chorizo as well, perhaps on the side. My partner loved the two poached eggs which he said were the best he’s had in a long time.

Staff recognise and greet local families and children who sit happily inside sipping on hot chocolates. There’s space to move around inside – great for those with prams showing that this is a family friendly cafe. I loved the laidback vibe at Elk Espresso, the friendly staff who seem to have eaten everything from the menu, and the unique breakfast options. This is a funky little cafe to visit in suburban Broadbeach.

Foodgasm 6.5/10
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