A few years ago, one of my work colleagues told me she had found the best sourdough hot cross buns in Canberra at Danny’s Bakery in Narrabundah. I always remembered this, Easter after Easter, but never managed to get down there to try some. She reminded me about it again last week so I made it my mission to finally try it this weekend. At 8.30am this morning, I arrived at the Narrabundah shops. Danny’s Bakery is next door to the IGA. A sign out the front shows me I’m at the right place – sourdough Easter buns $8.70 for six, or $2.50 each.

Dannys Bakery Narrabundah

This is no hipster bakery cafe where you can sit down and have a meal. It is your typical no-fuss bakery selling loaves of bread, croissants, apple turnovers, iced raisin snails and more.

Danny's bakery

You can see a variety of baked breads along the back shelves.

Danny's bakery 2

I only saw two hot cross buns left on the back shelf, but luckily enough they had more at the back. Out came a bag of six that were still warm! These smelled fantastic.

Dannys bakery hot cross buns

I like big buns and I can not lie 😉

Dannys bakery hot cross buns 2

These hot cross buns were HUGE! I’ve tried to show how big they are by measuring against my hands (I have rather long fingers too).

Dannys bakery hot cross buns 3

Definitely the biggest hot cross buns I’ve ever seen.

Dannys bakery hot cross buns 4

They were so soft, fresh and delicious. I really like how there’s a different spin on the traditional hot cross buns by using sourdough. It doesn’t taste too sour as the sweet raisins still provide a juicy sweet hit. There are a few dried apricots scattered inside too. I love freshly baked goods!

Dannys bakery hot cross buns 5

My partner decided to put some under the grill for a few minutes, giving a crispiness to the outside but remaining soft on the inside. So yummy!

Dannys bakery hot cross buns toasted

I think this is a really great find and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it. These hot cross buns are highly popular and do sell out quickly in the morning. If you like them, you can buy up a couple more, slice them in half and freeze them to enjoy later 🙂

Danny’s Bakery is open 7 days a week. They’ll be open next Saturday but will be shut over the Easter break. Checking out its Facebook page, the hot cross buns are baked from February onwards, so if you miss out this year make sure you go next year.

Foodgasm 8/10

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