After my first time at Quizine, I wanted to head back for a healthy lunch. Inside, there is a large glass display cabinet filled with fresh fruit for juicing, salads and focaccias. I decided on the salmon focaccia ($8.50) that had a bit of cream cheese, capers and lots of spinach.

Quizine salmon focaccia

When I took one half to bite into, I noticed there was only one small sliver of salmon in the entire focaccia. I paid $8.50 for that?! Really disappointed that they scrimped on the salmon and I felt ripped off.

Quizine focaccia

I also tried the ‘Vitality’ juice shot ($3.50) consisting of beetroot and orange. Quite a strong hit of sweet and sour. I think I’d prefer a freshly squeezed juice ($8).

Quizine juice shot

I like the make-it-yourself fit meals. A similar concept to Thr1ve lunch bowls in the Canberra Centre.

Quizine Phillip lunch

Healthy salads are also on offer.

Quizine Phillip salads

Overall, disappointed with the tiny bit of salmon in the focaccia but I’d like to go back and try some combinations of their fit meals. I love their health-focused mentality and think they would do pretty well with a gym just across the road too.

Quizine Phillip

Foodgasm 4/10
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