Lunch was had with friends at Mood Food & Co on Lonsdale Street in Braddon.  I quite enjoyed my first time there and was happy to go back. Lunch is different to the dinner menu which was exciting. Lots of yummy sounding things such as the crispy puffed duck, and the pulled pork belly calzone with aioli, sage and swiss cheese. Mmm.

I decided on the burger of pulled lamb shoulder ($19) with feta, baby spinach, mint and pesto with a side of Belgian frittes. They only had rye bread that day but that was fine by me. The lamb was very tender and so easy to eat. It went so well with feta and pesto..and well everything worked. The ingredients and quantity of ingredients used were clearly thought out to make everything balance wonderfully. I did notice the board was quite oily from the lamb (you can see a little pool of it in the photo below) so it would be nice if it was placed on a paper towel or something to soak the oil before plating up. The frittes were disappointing – hugely cut wedges but they were all soggy. I think this is due to sitting in the metal pot ( though it looks cute), it kept all the hot air in making the wedges sweat a bit.

Mood Food Braddon

Mood Food Braddon pulled lamb

Two people ordered the crumbed buffalo mozzarella ($20) with basil, watercress, tomatoes and chilli and lime oil. This looked great!

Mood Food Braddon mozzarella

Other friends ordered the barramundi fillet ($22) – baked in a bag in fennel, cracked pepper, garlic potatoes served with crispy chickpea, lime and watercress salad. The barramundi looked tender.

Mood Food Braddon barramundi

I also ordered the pineapple and mint fruit frappe ($8) – quite pulpy and stringy from the pineapple but it was a good combination with mint.

Mood Food Braddon mint frappe

I’m always satisfied and full when I leave Mood Food. Great service and a relaxed atmosphere. I’m keen to order one of their four calzones on the lunch menu next time.

Note: credit card surcharge applies.

Foodgasm 7.5/10
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