On the drive home after our summer weekend in Thredbo, my partner introduced me to Sundance Bakehouse and Tea rooms in Nugget’s Crossing, Jindabyne. His family always buy up on the amazing meat pies and take them back to Canberra. This place has apparently won many awards for their pies so I was happy and hungry to check it out. There wasn’t much left at 2.30pm in the afternoon but I managed to grab the last potato pie – steak with potato mash on top. It was good! The steak was of really good quality, no gristly bits, and pulled apart easily when using a fork. Overcome with hunger, I had a momentary lapse in my photo-taking so I didn’t get a picture of this.

I did take a photo of their ‘snownut’ – their version of a cronut (half croissant half donut). It was big, round and taller than most other cronuts (which are usually in the shape of a flat donut). This was filled with fresh cream which I didn’t like much because there was too much of it. But the pastry itself was delicious and exactly how it should be. Flaky, crunchy but soft and so easy to pull apart. A perfect half croissant half donut. Even my partner, a non-sweets person, liked it. I can’t exactly remember how much it all was, but it wasn’t that expensive.

Sundance Jindabyne snownut

In winter, this place is packed out by 7am – full of skiers stopping in for breakfast before a day hitting the slopes. I wouldn’t mind going back 🙂

Foodgasm 7/10
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