Some friends and I had Sunday brunch at Trev’s in Dickson. They must have lost our booking because when I enquired about our table, they had to quickly scramble to get a table for 5 together and looked a little lost. I like the funky ‘Keep Calm’ posters on the wall, with ‘Keep Calm, Weekend Brunch @ Trev’s’ being one of the variations.

Trev's Dickson

The tap water tasted off, like there was some kind of chemical in it. We asked for another bottle of water which was brought out promptly. Not sure what happened there.

The brunch menu looks good. There were a few items with DOGO or VDOGO listed against it which we figured out to be Dairy-free Option, Gluten-free option, and Vegetarian. Great to see a lot of variety for those with dietary requirements. I chose the hotcake stack with seasonal fruit compote, mascarpone, pistachios and praline ($16.90). I was worried that it might be too sweet a meal that early in the morning, but the only real sweetness came from the strawberries and compote. There didn’t seem to be any added sugar in the mascarpone and the hotcakes weren’t overly sweet either. A good balance.

Trev's Dickson hotcakes

Food porn of my friend’s dishes

Trev's Dickson cassoulet
Chorizo and bean cassoulet, spinach, poached eggs, mint yoghurt ($17.90)
Trev's Dickson scrambled eggs
Scrambled eggs with bacon, spinach and mushroom
Trev's Dickson poached eggs
Poached eggs with tomatoes and spinach on gluten free bread ($18.90)

Even with the slight hiccup in our booking and the funny-tasting water, brunch here was pleasant (I did like the balance in the hotcakes) but there wasn’t any wow factor with the food. There are better brunch places I’d rather go to.

Foodgasm 6/10
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