Hero Sushi recently opened up its sushi train in the Canberra Centre. Next to Papparich and near Jamie’s, the sushi train looks impressive. Hero Sushi also have shops in Woden and Tuggeranong just selling sushi rolls – I do like the sushi there.

A friend and I went for dinner one week night. There is a good variety of yummy looking items such as takoyaki, various sushi rolls, sashimi, nigiri, gyoza, lobster fried dumplings, mochi and more. You can also order a dish off the menu if something else takes your fancy.

Hero Sushi Train Canberra

Like any other sushi train, the system is simple. Different coloured plates on the train have different prices associated with them. Plates range from $3 (pink) to $7.90 (gold). Choose whatever you want to eat and watch different plates snake around the restaurant. When finished, grab one of the wait staff who will count the number of coloured dishes and write this on a slip of paper. Take this ‘bill’ up to the cashier and pay.

Hero Sushi Train Canberra menu 1

Hero Sushi Train Canberra menu 2

Hero Sushi Train Canberra menu 3

You’ll need to get the attention of the wait staff to bring over tap water but that didn’t take long. The first thing that caught my eye was the takoyaki ($3). It must have been sitting on the train for a little while as it was slightly cold. Nevertheless, still tasty and finished them off.

Hero Sushi tako yaki

Next the soft shell crab roll – 2 pieces ($5). I managed to pick one with quite a bit of crab meat in it. No complaints here.

Hero Sushi Train soft shell crab

The black rice salmon avocado ($4.50) – fresh salmon! I couldn’t really taste much of a difference between the black and normal white rice.

Hero Sushi train black rice salmon

Spring roll nigiri ($3.50) – these were vegetarian spring rolls. Looks pretty and were nice and crunchy. Not all that much inside the spring roll so I’m not sure if I’d order this again.

Hero Sushi train nigiri

My friend ordered off the menu – the karaage chicken ($6) and age dashi tofu ($5.50).

Hero Sushi train karaage

Hero Sushi age dashi tofu

From where we were sitting, we got a close up of the sushi chefs in action. One of them was doing some serious searing.

Hero Sushi Canberra

Now I was just grabbing things from left, right and centre. If you’re smart about it, you can squeeze a bit more for your money by ordering off the menu. Take my soft shell crab roll as an example. For 2 pieces, I paid $5. Instead, you could order the soft shell crab hand roll off the menu (also $5), however you get a little bit more (it’s the one that looks like a cone). And $6 for a pretty good portion of hot karaage chicken and salad is a good deal! I didn’t get to try the sashimi but it’s on my list for next time.

One hiccup, I was sure I only had 4 plates and calculated what I owed in my head. However, the waiter must have miscounted my plates as I was charged for an additional orange plate ($4). When I glanced back at my table, the wait staff were too quick and had cleared all the plates. The good thing about taking photos of everything you eat is you have evidence of everything! My friend was also slightly overcharged. So just make sure you add everything up and remember what you owe.

Foodgasm 7/10
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