I was recently contacted to try out the newly opened Grill’d at the Canberra Centre. Grill’d was born in Melbourne to provide healthy, fresh and tasty burgers. Local businesses are utilised to source fresh produce, cows and lambs are 100% grass-fed and hormone-free, and even the chickens and eggs are free range. Burgers are advertised as being ‘Made with love’.

Grill'd Canberra Centre

It was pretty busy inside on a Saturday afternoon. I love the comic-style artwork against the back wall from a local Melbourne artist – some of which is printed on t-shirts and worn by Grill’d staff.

Grill'd Canberra Centre 1

There is a lot of variety on the menu with beef, chicken, steak, and veggie burgers. I like how there is a kilojoule count against each item – great for those watching their diet. My favourite Grill’d burger is the ‘Almighty’ – beef pattie, bacon, beetroot, fried egg, cheese and salad – so good!

Grill'd menu

Service is friendly and quick. We ordered some hot chips with herbed mayonnaise ($3.50 / 1060 kj). I love how the chips are sprinkled with rosemary and are always crunchy on the outside. They smell and taste good.

Grill'd Canberra chips

I decided to try something different and ordered the ‘Front Bar’ steak sandwich ($15.50 / 2830kj). This came out with a steak knife embedded into it. I thought the scotch fillet steak was deliciously soft, slightly pink in the middle (the way I like it) and juicy. I didn’t know how to eat this massive thing so I took the top piece of ciabatta off, cut the steak into pieces and then ate it. Yum! I do love the beef and lamb served here which I find is always lean.

Front bar steak sandwich
Front bar steak sandwich


My partner ordered the ‘Hot Hombre’ ($12.50 / 2580kj) consisting of grilled chicken breast, chilli black bean salsa, cheese, avocado, tomato, onion and a crispy tortilla chip. Too hot for me but my partner was impressed and really enjoyed his burger. The chilli black bean salsa had heat to it and it’s one of the more spicy burgers you can get. The tortilla chip is a cute touch and gives a bit of crunch to the burger.

Hot hombre
Hot hombre

I like how each customer is provided with a token to choose one of three community groups that Grill’d provides a donation to. The group with the most number of tokens receives $300. A great initiative.

Grill'd local matters

In case it gets too full, additional seating is available just across the corridor in the Canberra Centre. It’s a lot quieter too.

Grill'd Canberra Centre 2

I do like the burgers here – it’s quick, easy and I always leave satisfied. Grill’d is located on the ground floor of the corner of Bunda Street and Scotts Crossing, looking out towards the Dendy cinema escalators and Koko Black. 

Foodgasm 7/10

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