My partner and I headed to Kusina in Weston Creek for brunch. I love their dinner menu so was keen to try out a Filipino brunch. On the Filipino Favourites menu there is dried marinated beef, sweet cured pork, garlic sausage or a chicken omelette all served with garlic rice and a fried egg ($14.50).

I ordered the sweet cured pork that also came with a garnish of pickled vegetables and a small bowl of garlic vinegar.

Kusina Canberra breakfast

The cured pork tasted just like charsiu pork which I can make at home. Still pretty tasty. I didn’t think the garlic vinegar was necessary as the pork had heaps of flavour and a slight saltiness. The vinegar just amplified the saltiness so I left it alone. I love the garlic rice here – so fragrant and delicious. Eating this for breakfast is a bit strange for me as it’s something I’d have for lunch or dinner (minus the egg), but I still enjoyed it.

Close up of sweet cured pork
Close up of sweet cured pork


My partner ordered from the classic menu – fried eggs with bacon, garlic sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomato and crispy potato on sourdough ($13.50). The garlic sausage didn’t have much flavour and certainly wasn’t garlicky. Everything was cooked perfectly but it just wasn’t the best big breakfast he’d had.

Kusina Canberra big breakfast

I had a sore throat that day so I ordered the lemon and ginger tea. I was surprised to find real slices of lemon and pieces of ginger inside. I was fully expecting a tea bag so I thought this was a really nice effort by the restaurant. And exactly what I needed.

Kusina lemon tea

There is some outdoor dining available but as it was a slightly windy day, most people were seated inside.

Kusina Weston Creek

Breakfast is reasonably priced but I’d prefer coming to Kusina for lunch or dinner. They cook amazingly delicious food and I’ve always walked away very happy and satisfied, wishing I could replicate some dishes. They also do a fragrant and yummy pandan cake (bright almost fluoro green cake) which I’d go back for. I’d love to try their boodle feast one day too. Highly recommend Kusina for lunch or dinner.

Foodgasm 6/10 for brunch
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