Frozen yogurt store Noggi opened its second store at Westfield Woden today. There was a long queue, even at 2.30pm, for their buy one get one free opening day special.

Flavours include original, watermelon, coconut, mango, blood orange and taro. I chose 2 flavours in a regular sized cup ($6.50) – the watermelon and blood orange, with 3 toppings – fresh strawberries, strawberry bursts and m&ms.

Noggi froyo

I thought the yogurt was nice and refreshing. Quite liked the blood orange. My friend ordered the taro and original flavours, and really enjoyed the taro which was stronger and more flavourful.

Noggi froyo 1

Comparing this to Yogurtland in Belconnen, there are not as many flavours to choose from as Yogurtland have about 16 different flavours and a lot more interesting toppings. And you don’t get to pour your own yogurt (perhaps a good thing). I still enjoyed the taste of Noggi’s yogurts and I think it will do well.

My friend and I also commented on the loud music played in the store, but perhaps we’re just getting old ;P

Foodgasm 6.5/10
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