I hadn’t been back to Snag Stand in while, and on a cold windy Friday, I felt like something naughty. Snag Stand sells ‘haute dogs’ – artisanal and hand crafted sausages. 

Snag Stand Canberra

The menu has changed slightly since my last meal here, and now they’ve added a new line – Haute Burgers. 

Snag Stand menu

This time, I chose the Nacho Libre ($7.90) – smoked bratwurst with cheesy sauce, tomato and crushed up nachos on a toasted brioche bun. This does not look healthy. The bratwurst was pretty bland and I didn’t think much of it. It definitely was not cooked on the massive bbq they have at the front and tasted like it had been steamed or boiled. The cheesy sauce looked a tad sickening but tasted light and cheesy. The crushed up nachos added a nice touch, just wish there was more of it.

Snag Stand nacho libreOn a previous occasion, I ordered the Spicy Cheese Kransky ($8.90) which comes with tomatoes and cheddar cheese on top. I didn’t like this one that much either – the kransky was filled with gristles of fat inside and wasn’t spicy at all.

Snag Stand kranskyMy favourite is the wagyu beef ($10.90) with butter and garlic mash, herbed gravy and sautéed onions on top. It was so good! The wagyu was good quality and tasted great on the garlic mash. YUM! I find that the snag on its own doesn’t quite fill me up but a side of crunchy chips fills that gap. The chips are awesome and crunchy each time. Best chips I’ve had in a while – they’re 100% Tasmanian russet potatoes.

Snag stand wagyu beef

The service is pretty quick and I only had to wait about 5mins during peak lunch period. That is pretty good considering the number of people queuing up. Located at the Westfield Woden food court, the space around Snag Stand can get smokey from cooking the snags on the bbq even with the huge suction fan/ventilation directly above the bbq.

 Snag Stand Woden

Don’t think I’ll order the nacho libre again, but I’m keen to try out the rest of the menu such as the Greek (lamb, rosemary and oregano with crumbed feta), the Toulouse (Berkshire pork with  mushrooms and truffle aioli), and the Spicy Spanish Chorizo (with sundried tomatoes, rocket and goats cheese). There are now 4 types of vegetarian sausages and gluten-free options are also available.

Foodgasm 6.5/10

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