After seeing Dream Cuisine Patisserie at their stall at the Kingston Bus Depot Markets, I went onto their website and found out they had a little shop in Fyshwick.

Some free time on a Saturday morning lead me to drive to Fyshwick to check it out. The shop is pretty much located in the middle of nowhere on an industrial-like street. It’s a tiny shop with limited space inside and there was quite a queue when I got there.

The display cabinet has an assortment of macarons, danishes, croissants, cakes, brownies, meat pies and sausage rolls. They also do fresh coffee.

Peanut chocolate crunch macaron $3
 Apple tarte tatin $6
Mini-macaron 10 pack $10
Almond croissant

Overall, I quite like the pastries from Dream Cuisine. The apple of the apple tarte tatin was poached very well – sinfully sweet mixed and with cinnamon. The pastry, however, was a bit too ‘puff pastry’ like and felt like it would just crumble in my hands. In my opinion, it needs a slightly denser base. The macarons are also pretty tasty.

The service – smiling to your customers would be nice. I’ve been to this place twice now, and both times it felt like the staff member really didn’t want to be there, or want me to be there. Hope that changes!

Foodgasm 5/10

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