Loading Zone in Civic recently opened its doors for Saturday brunch. And of course, I wanted to try it out 😛

I ordered the Baked Eggs with tomato sugo, fennel, chick peas and sausage. This was nice, warm and hearty. I felt like I was at nonna’s house having a home-made breakfast. The eggs were a bit runny, just the way it should be. (Nothing worse than overcooked baked eggs). The sauce was delicious and I loved dunking the bread in to soak it all up.

My friend ordered the Ricotta with berries and pistachio bread. The ricotta was nice and creamy but it was quite a big slab that she couldn’t quite finish it all.

I love the fact that Loading Zone changes their menu daily. Their Facebook page provides daily updates of what is on the menu. It services lovely, fresh food that tastes amazing! I highly recommend this place for both lunch (weekdays) and the weekend brunch. They’ve got a good thing going.

Foodgasm 8/10
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