The Meet Fresh chain is all over Sydney and NSW, QLD and Perth. Located at Uni lodge in New Acton, it meets the needs of the growing international asian student population. Meet Fresh serves more traditional asian desserts – mostly herbal jellies mixed with taro balls, red bean, green bean, lotus seeds, barley and tofu. There are 7 types of herbal jelly bowls mixed with various other things (these are served cold).

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Probably seems very strange to Westerners’ tastes as it is quite weird. I grew up eating these sorts of herbal desserts as my parents love the stuff and also grew up with it. But I must admit, they don’t all taste good. It is an acquired taste.

The herbal desserts all have ‘cooling’ properties – great to feed the body particularly if you’ve had a whole heap of junk food. Though some of the dishes you can get taste like they’re pretty high in sugar.

I’ve ordered the Supreme Mango Crushed Ice – a volcano of heaped crushed ice, topped with fresh mangoes, syrup and icecream. It is massive and can be shared between 2 or 4. Great for summer!
Supreme mango crushed ice

A friend of mine ordered the red bean version of the crushed ice.

Supreme red bean crushed ice

My mum makes red bean soup at home and I had a huge craving for it one day. I went to Meet Fresh and ordered the mochi red bean soup. (Mochi is a sweet Japanese sticky rice cake). It had plenty of mochi (I couldn’t finish it) but I was disappointed that there was hardly any red bean in it. That’s pretty poor when it claims to be a red bean soup.

Mochi red bean soup – hardly any red bean!
I also tried the taro waffle. The taro paste in the waffle was nice and sweet. The waffle itself was quite hard and dry, and went cold really quickly.
Taro waffle

Service is very friendly and the desserts are made quickly. Tofu pudding and tea is also available on the menu. Again, this isn’t for everyone but I just thought it was worth a mention.I’ll be going back in summer to get a bowl of herbal jelly.

Foodgasm 5.5/10

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