I’d read that the ‘bun’ craze started at Momofuku in NYC. So I made a beeline for the noodle bar on one of my free non-planned lunch days. I heard it gets really busy so made sure we got there before noon.

I asked for seats at the counter so I could watch everything happen. The kitchen staff are so quick at churning out all the meals. I was watching one guy make all the entrees on the menu on his own – doing multiple things at the same time and never stopping.

Menu prices were reasonable and I decided to try both the shrimp and pork buns to start, and a bowl of the signature Momofuku ramen.

The shrimp buns came out first. These were in the form of a patty with shrimp mince and other ground up veggies. They tasted amazing! Great flavour – I could’ve had more.

Shrimp buns

The pork buns were just as good. Thick cuts of high quality pork belly with cucumber and hoisin sauce. The steamed buns themselves were light and fluffy.

Pork buns

Watching the ramen being cooked and readied to serve. The two stoves at the back are boiling about 10 lots of ramen at a time, before being taken out and replaced with more. There’s no rest for the kitchen staff.

The Momofuku ramen – delicious broth, great cuts of pork belly and perfectly cooked egg that I broke over the noodles. YUM!

Momofuku ramen

I really liked the Momofuku Noodle Bar and wished I’d had more time in NYC to check out the other Momofuku chain restaurants. I know there is a Momofuku Seiobo in Sydney so I can at least try that out 🙂

Foodgasm 8/10

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