Malamay is part of the Chairman Group of restaurants made up of Chairman & Yip, and the Lanterne Rooms. Malamay specialises in South West Chinese cuisine. To complete the trifecta, I decided to organise a group dinner here. Malamay is modern Asian restaurant, dimly lit with black and red decor throughout and long dark wooden poles hanging down to partition the spaces.

As this was a first time dine for all of us, we decided on the dinner banquet set menu ($68.50) to sample a selection of dishes.

Course 1 – Enoki mushroom salad. Nice and salty (kind of like salt and pepper squid minus the squid). I couldn’t really taste the mushroom flavour.

Enoki mushroom salad

Course 2 – Three chillied relish and marinated prawns on hand made noodles. Served cold and very spicy. An okay dish.

Marinated prawns on handmade noodles

Course 3 – Slow cooked eggplant in seaweed paste and toasted sesame. Wonderfully soft and tender without the overpowering flavour that is eggplant. Words cannot describe the broth it is covered in – sweet and light, simply marvelous. I lapped it all up soaking the rice in it.

Slow cooked eggplant

Course 4 – Shredded shoulder of lamb with salted chilli and cumin. Tasty shredded lamb in a cucumber and chilli salsa. Very spicy – an average dish.

Shredded lamb shoulder

Course 5 – Sous vide Wagyu beef cheek with aged yellow wine. Crunchy deep fried lotus root was also placed on top. This was the best dish of the night. Sous vide anything is always tops. The beef was so soft, succulent, juicy and just melted in my mouth. The crunchy lotus root was also a nice touch. Loved it!

Sous vide Wagyu beef cheek

I found Malamay have excellent service with the waiters frequently topping up our water. I had a good dining experience with my friends and liked the slow cooked eggplant and sous vide wagyu beef cheek.  The rest of the dishes were nice but there was nothing really special about them. Dinner is pricey as you can only choose a banquet ($68.50) or degustation (around $88). Happy I tried it but not sure if I’ll go back anytime soon.

Foodgasm 7/10

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