I’m officially hooked on matcha lattes especially after coming back from Japan where it was available at every Starbucks, Seven Eleven, most cafes and some market stalls. What is matcha? It’s a finely ground green tea powder made from tea leaves. It is usually whisked with hot water as a drink but can also be used in baking and in other foods. There are many health benefits since you’re consuming the whole leaf rather than just steeping the leaves and throwing them out.

Note that matcha lattes and green tea lattes are the same thing. I haven’t found many cafes in Canberra that offer them but thought I would share what I’ve found so far. I drink both dairy and soy milk and have tried my best to stipulate that below. In no particular order…

Maple and Clove

The matcha almond latte ($5) at Maple and Clove uses almond milk (I forgot to ask if it could be substituted for dairy/other milk). This was bitter but wholesome. I had to add some coconut sugar, however I was still happy with the creaminess and frothiness of the latte.

Maple and Clove matcha latte

Maple and Clove can be found at 7 Burbury Close in Barton.

Paleo Cafe

Paleo Cafe offers a matcha latte with honey and house made almond milk. When I asked whether I could have it with dairy milk, the girl behind the counter said no as they were a paleo cafe. I was still excited to try it and ordered a medium size ($5.50) to take away but sadly was disappointed with the taste. I really didn’t like it and threw it out after a few sips. When I went back a few weeks later, there was a completely different attitude (another lady at the counter) and I was advised that I could have it with any milk – almond, coconut or dairy milk. So I will need to go back and have it with regular milk next time.

Paleo Cafe can be found at 38 Mort Street in Braddon (next to Blackfire).


EightyTwenty in Braddon advertises a matcha latte on its menu using almond milk ($4.50). I realised (too late) that I should have asked whether I could substitute the almond milk with dairy milk, and they were happy to do so but had already made the latte. No matter. This version tasted a lot better with a bitter matcha taste. It was a bit too bitter for me but I added some coconut sugar to sweeten it. There’s also a matcha immunitea smoothie if you want to mix it up a bit.

EightyTwenty matcha latte

EightyTwenty can be found on the corner at 18 Lonsdale Street in Braddon.

Caffe Cherry Beans

I was surprised to pass by this chain eatery which had a drinks menu out the front where I happened to notice matcha lattes. I ordered a small soy matcha latte (forgot the price) which came served in a wide green cup. I was a little concerned as the colour of the latte was more white than green, signalling a lot more milk had been used. I forgot to take a photo of the latte though I must say there was no attempt at latte art, just blobs of frothy milk. I found the latte was very sweet and not enough matcha had been used making it a bit too milky.

There are various locations for the Caffe Cherry Beans franchise –  Westfield Woden and Belconnen, Gungahlin market place, Tuggerangong Hyperdome and the Canberra Outlet Centre to name a few.

Cafe Garema

I’ve walked past this cafe countless times and only decided to stop and look at the menu recently. I didn’t have time to try the food but I did notice the Garema’s own tea infused latte with green tea as an option. I ordered a regular ($4.50 + 50c soy) and was told they could add a shot of coffee in it if I wanted. I didn’t want coffee and asked for purely matcha. It came out served with latte art of a teddy bear. Very cute. I found it was quite milky with a subtly sweet matcha flavour and a hint of cinnamon. A bit more matcha in the drink would have been welcome but it was a nice latte. The small shortbread cookie on the side was a bonus.

Cafe Garema matcha latte

Cafe Garema can be found at Garema Place in Civic (opposite Shorty’s)


I found the matcha latte at Duatti to be too sweet ($5 for medium) but the guys at Duatti assured me that no added sugar is included. I’ll take their word for it but I did find it very very sweet. Duatti can be found opposite Woolworths at Westfield Woden.

Cha Time

A hot matcha latte was advertised at Cha Time in Acton and I just had to try it.

Cha Time matcha latte sign

Served in a bubble tea cup, I liked that it wasn’t too sweet but the latte was far too watery for my liking. I don’t think I’ll be ordering this again.

Cha Time matcha latte

Cha Time can be found at 1 Childers Lane in Acton (at the ANU).

Sip Coffee Bar

I walked past Sip in the city (near the bus interchange) where I saw a chalkboard out the front advertising matcha frappes. It was too cold for a frappe, but I figured if they can do that, they can do a latte version. I was right, and $3.50 got me a small matcha latte that I got to go. It’s not on the menu but all you need to do is ask. I did see the barista add two teaspoons of raw sugar in, so the latte was a sweeter version. Next time, I’ll say one spoon and see how it goes from there.

Sip Coffee Bar can be found at 131 City Walk in Civic (next to King O’Malley’s).

Oliver Brown

Oliver Brown’s large matcha latte ($4.30) was huge served in a very large cup (almost a mug). No complaints – not too bitter, not too sweet and not too milky. Just right. And there were a few chocolate buttons provided on my spoon as a pick me up. Yay.

Oliver Brown matcha latte

There are various Oliver Brown stores throughout Canberra – Manuka, Civic, Dickson and Gungahlin.

Double Shot

It was great seeing this pop up in my Instagram feed. Double Shot are doing matcha lattes! The menu states its $4.70 for a small or $5.70 for a large with an extra $1 for soy/almond milk.  It’s on my list to try.

And just to note, it’s not exactly a matcha latte, but Max Brenner are currently offering a matcha white chocolate as part of their winter menu. I haven’t tried this as I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate. Has anyone else tried it?

Max Brenner matcha white chocolateThere are three Max Brenner stores throughout Canberra – Kingston Foreshore, New Acton and Belconnen.

I shall continue my hunt for a good matcha latte in Canberra. Is there anywhere else that I should check out? Please let me know 🙂

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