Hi there and thanks for viewing my food blog.

So here’s a little bit about me..

I was born in Italy, brought up in a traditional Chinese household, and grew up in Perth, Western Australia. My mother and grandmother are fabulous home cooks and I grew up eating delicious home made Italian and Chinese cuisine. A strange combination but perfectly normal to me. I get my sweet tooth from both my mum and sister (and when we get together we usually buy the majority of pastries/cakes at a patisserie!)

I love all things food, mainly eating it and telling people (like yourselves) all about my experiences. I love the anticipation of a new restaurant or cafe opening up and trying new dishes and cuisines. In contrast to my mum and grandmother, I am not a great cook, hence why I eat out so much! I am in absolute awe of home cooks and fellow food bloggers who experiment with recipes and invent new dishes. Amazing.

I decided to start a food blog in 2013 and see where it took me. Canberra is such a fantastic place to enjoy good food with so many great eateries. I really enjoy writing about my food adventures (mostly in Canberra, but I write about a few places in Sydney and Perth, and other towns when I get to visit them). I’m still such a newbie at writing posts and taking photos of food but it’s all a learning curve.

Apart from food blogging, I like salsa dancing, bicycling around the lake, sailing on the lake (who am I kidding, my partner does the sailing while I relax and eat cheese and crackers), hanging out with friends, playing board games, and reading fantasy/sci-fi novels. I can’t swim but I’m working on that.

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate you taking the time to read about me!

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