My friends and I had brunch at Cuppaflower in Sydney a couple of months ago. I had heard good things about the newish café but I must admit, I was there for the Totoro chiffon cakes! I could see them in the display window in two flavours – matcha and black sesame. There were also smaller swiss rolls for those that want a smaller snack. I purchased both flavours (for research purposes of course) and these were the first to arrive. I was a little worried as there was only one matcha cake left in the window after ordering, but they had more stock in the back which they used to replenish the cabinet.

Cuppaflower totoro chiffon cakes

How cute are they? The cream on top actually ran into the centre of the chiffon cake which was a nice complement and assisted in giving some balance to the otherwise bland cake. I couldn’t taste the matcha in the matcha chiffon cake which was disappointing. However the chiffon cake itself was superb – beautifully light and super soft. I didn’t think I could finish it off as well as my breakfast, but I did. The black sesame chiffon cake had more flavour and I could immediately taste the black sesame on the first bite.

Cuppaflower Totoro chiffon cakes

I passed on the matcha latte (a first!) and instead just got some tea to even out all the sugar I was about to have.

Cuppaflower tea

I ordered the buttermilk pancakes with seasonal fruits, honeycomb, mascarpone and maple syrup ($15.80). The dish came with three small pancakes, lots of cream and fruit. I thought it was a very basic dish and not very filling, so I’m glad I had the chiffon cakes to fill me up.

Cuppaflower Sydney pancakes

J ordered the smoked salmon breakfast with eggs, roasted tomato, avocado and toast (unsure of price). It was a larger serve than he expected so he was glad he didn’t choose the big breakfast.

Cuppaflower healthy breakfast

My two friends ordered the Cuppa Flower benedict with beetroot and potato rosti, ham, 2 poached eggs and avocado ($18.50). They both really enjoyed the dish.

Cuppaflower rosti

I wanted to try the taro mille crepe cake but unfortunately it wasn’t available that day. There was a black sesame version but I wasn’t in the mood for more black sesame, plus I was pretty full.

Taro mille crepe cake 😌

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The eatery is also a flower shop, hence so many wonderful Instagram-worthy shots can be had. There were no tables for 4 available but we were seated in a corner table that was really meant for 2 people. The table was actually an old Singer sewing machine with a wooden table top. We found that the two sides of the sewing machine had metal sheets attached so that a pair of legs couldn’t fit. Perfect for 2 people, but not for 4. We raised the issue 2-3 times but the staff didn’t seem to care until we actually pointed to the metal side and squished legs, and finally just moved ourselves to the next available normal table without a Singer sewing machine underneath. After that drama, we enjoyed ourselves. My Sydney-sider friends liked their breakfasts and were glad they got to try something new out. I’m happy I got to try the cute Totoro chiffon cakes but I’m not sure if I would go back any time soon.

Foodgasm 6.5/10
Value for money 7/10
Service 5/10

FPJ score 18.5/30

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