When I heard that Din Tai Fung was creating a giant xiao long bao (soup dumpling) for the month of November, I had to make some time to get to Sydney to try one. That day was today. For $8.90 I got a xiao long bao the size of a small bamboo steamer and a straw.

Look at that jiggle!

There was a lot more soup in it that expected. Very HOT soup with a bit of mince and corn kernels inside.The bamboo steamer was deceptive, making the dumpling look taller than it actually was. So I ended up breaking the dumpling as I poked my straw in too far. Luckily the plate underneath caught the soup so I didn’t miss out.


I love xiao long bao so much, I couldn’t help ordering the original 8 piece dumpling set too.


If you love xiao long bao and are in Sydney the next few days, this giant version is available for another 3 days until the end of November at Din Tai Fung on the first floor of World Square in the Sydney CBD.

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