After a short walk through Braddon to get to the city, I noticed a new Italian eatery, Imperioso, had opened up on Lonsdale Street (formerly Farmer’s Daughter). The menu was limited to five pasta dishes, most of which were handmade gnocchi dishes (yum) and some Italian pastries and coffee. The eatery is tiny and only fits the front counter and kitchen. Tables and seats are out in a small corridor to the side or outdoors looking out onto Lonsdale Street.


I took a seat outside and was provided with a glass and bottle of tap water. It was still a little chilly and I was grateful for the blankets thrown over each chair. I recently noticed some more tables near the street covered in red and white checkered table cloths that should get your attention.


There were three varieties of the gnocchi dishes on the menu – with tomato, basil and mozzarella; salmon, cream and parmesan; and with slow cooked beef bolognese sauce. I believe there was fourth gnocchi dish as that day’s special, but I decided on the salmon, cream and parmesan gnocchi ($18). The gnocchi was served piled high in a small ceramic pot with some of the sauce oozing down the side. It looked delicious!


Happy to report that it tasted good too. The freshly made gnocchi was noticeably soft and not too starchy. There was no shortage of creamy sauce but surprisingly it wasn’t too rich and heavy. A lovely lunch with no shortage of salmon pieces.


I didn’t try any of the Italian pastries but they looked divine and the owner hand makes the cannoli himself. Yummy gnocchi, quick and friendly service and people-watching on the street.

Imperioso can be found at 24 Lonsdale Street in Braddon. Open 8-5pm I believe 7 days a week, but best to check.

Foodgasm 8/10
Value for money 7/10
Service 8/10

FPJ score 23/30

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