A group of friends and I recently caught up for breakfast at Stand By Me in Lyons. I’d been there once before, about two years ago, so it was definitely time to make another visit. Bookings were not accepted on weekends, but we were advised to get there early as the cafe gets packed quickly. We arrived at 9am and there was only a 15 minute wait on a table for six (there were a few tables for two-three available but only one table for six). We were asked for drinks orders as we looked over the food menu. I ordered the chocolate malt milkshake ($7) which tasted just like a malteaser. Yum!


I ordered off the specials menu that weekend and chose the trifle french toast ($17.50) with almond sponge, blood orange and buttermilk jelly, custard, whipped cream, strawberries and almonds. I loved that it was generous serving with two thick pieces of french toast cut into triangles. I loved the thought that went into this dish mixing up the textures and flavours in this deconstructed-style trifle. My favourite was the almond sponge cake with a bit of berry jam/sauce in the middle. A filling dish that wasn’t too sweet. The french toast changes weekly which is a little dangerous for me. Luckily I don’t live close by, otherwise I would be there every weekend!


My friend ordered the other dish on the specials menu, the Kentucky Hot Brown ($19) with roast turkey and bacon with a biscuit mornay sauce and a fried egg.


V ordered the ham hock hash ($17.50) consisting of a ham hock and winter greens hash, with two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and sourdough toast. I want to try this dish next.


Another ordered the Stand By Your Gran ($12) – a house made granola served with natural yoghurt and seasonal fruit. Milk was provided on the side in a cute miniature milk bottle.


Some other friends ordered the gluten free Harvest Moon ($17) with roast pumpkin, polenta chips and two sous vide eggs, served with onion jam, hazelnut zaatar and marinated feta, with a sausage on the side.


We could hear the whirring/clicking noise after some of the background music had stopped playing, and realised a record player was playing that music, so a staff member would have to walk over to change the record.


Service was great at the start of brunch, however it then took a while to get someone’s attention to take our orders, and even longer (45 minutes) for our food to arrive. Maybe it was because we were a larger group. Portion sizes were generous and everyone was happy with their meals. Medium-loud noise levels inside due to the small and tightly packed tables but it wasn’t too bad. My advice is to get there early on weekends!

Foodgasm 8/10
Value for money 8/10
Service 6/10

FPJ score 22/30

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