After a quick bite to eat at LSR 7 on Lonsdale Street, I noticed newly opened Hot Pop Cafe right next door. Peeking in, the cafe is small with about 4 tables so I gather it is mainly a take away spot. There is no hipster decor in sight.

Hot Pop Cafe Braddon outside

The cheap prices on the menu grabbed my attention (3 buttermilk pancakes for under $10?!) and I made it a priority to check it out.

Hot Pop Cafe Braddon

I made a breakfast date with a friend who found out from the owner that Ona coffee is served. I ordered a large soy mocha ($3.90 + 50c soy) which came in a double walled glass. Really happy with the smooth coffee, and perfect chocolate to coffee ratio.

Hot Pop Cafe mocha

My friend ordered a latte ($3.50) and was also happy with his coffee.Hot Pop Cafe Braddon latteI had to try the buttermilk pancakes ($9.50) which came with berry compote, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. The three buttermilk pancakes were wonderfully soft and fluffy. I got a squeezee bottle of maple syrup on the side so I could add as much syrup as I wanted. The home made berry compote wasn’t too sugary and I could taste the natural sourness of the raspberries which helped offset the sweetness of the maple syrup. The ice cream was still a little icy throughout, but it was a decent sized scoop. I can think of better ways to present the dish but for the price, I really didn’t care. I love that this cafe offers simple, home-style cooking.

Hot Pop Cafe Braddon buttermil pancakes

The owner told my friend that the bacon and egg roll ($6.90) was the best-seller. Served in a big hamburger roll, we both thought this was good value with 2 rashers of bacon, runny egg, cheese and BBQ sauce.

Hot Pop Cafe Braddon egg bacon roll

An inside shot of the bacon and egg roll. He was really satisfied with this filling breakfast.

Hot Pop Cafe Braddon inside bacon egg roll

The lunch menu is also great value with various burger and chip sets for only $10, fish and chips for $8.90, wraps for $7.90, and a choice of 2 curries and rice for $11. There are even Nepalese dumplings, momos, on the menu! I headed back for lunch with a friend. We both ordered the beef burger with chips ($10). I must say I was really impressed with the whole meal! The burger was large with such a juicy beef pattie, plenty of bacon, a fried egg that popped and oozed into the rest of the burger, noticeably fresh tomato and lettuce, and even the bread roll was fresh and kept its shape. Easy to bite into and just pure tastiness. The side of chips, though not a large serve, were crunchy (I don’t like floppy chips) with fluffy potato inside. I also loved the extra thought in the added seasoning to make it a little different.

Hot Pop Cafe beef burger and chips

Hot Pop Cafe is no hipster cafe and doesn’t pretend to be. It offers yummy food at cheap prices and decent Ona coffee. Although the menu is a bit of a mish-mash of items – burgers, curry, dumplings, soup, wraps, I’m all for it! I’m planning on trying the schnitzel burger and chips next time. The menu is on the Hot Pop Facebook page. Service is polite and we were left alone to chat as long as we wanted.

Hot Pop Cafe is situated at 2/7 Lonsdale Street in Braddon, next door to LSR7. Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Foodgasm 8/10
Value for money 10/10
Service 7/10

FPJ score 25/30

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