While holidaying in Japan, I read about Three Mills Bakery opening up in Majura Park. Three Mills Bakery is the spillover effect from the increased demand of baked goods from A Baker in New Acton. All baking operations have moved from A Baker’s basement to the new site near the airport. The week I came back from overseas, I decided to make a breakfast stop at Three Mills to check the place out. I hadn’t had coffee for a whole month as I didn’t bother looking for it while in Japan, so I was keen to treat myself to a soy mocha (unfortunately I have no idea how much it cost). This was very smooth and mild coffee, not too sweet and not too bitter. Just right.

Three Mills Bakery coffee

There were a bunch of tasty looking pastries on display such as almond croissants, cinnamon scrolls, fruit tarts, raspberry danishes and pain au chocolat.

Three Mills Bakery pastries

The freshly baked croissants looked really good and I’m wondering if ham and cheese croissants will be made in future. There were also different types of focaccias available providing a healthy lunch alternative to the office workers close by.

Three Mills Bakery croissants

Apart from the pastries, the only breakfast items on offer were fruit toast or toast with avocado. I’m told that a granola will also be introduced shortly. I hadn’t had real toast during my month in Japan and was really craving it, so I ordered the toast with avocado. It  came with a small bowl of butter which I didn’t really need but scraped some onto my toast anyway. I was happy with the nice crunchy white toast and the generous portion of avocado. I’m not sure what the price was but it couldn’t have been more than $10.

Three Mills Bakery toast avocado

I couldn’t resist a sweet pastry, and ordered the poached pear tart ($6) too. I took this home in a take away bag. The tart base was thick but buttery and crumbly. The filling a perfect floral sweetness to contrast against the buttery pastry. The poached pear beautifully glazed and sweet.

Three Mills Bakery pear tart

Service was very friendly. The bakery fills the ground floor of an office building so it’s very basic decor at the moment – a counter, simple tables and chairs. A good coffee and sweet option for office workers nearby.

Three Mills Bakery is open Monday to Friday for breakfast and lunch. It’s located at 5 Lancaster Place in Majura Park – look for the outdoor umbrellas.

Foodgasm 7.5/10
Value for money 7.5/10
Service 8/10

FPJ score 23/30

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