Found this old post that I never got around to publishing! I’d been eagerly stalking the construction of Yat Bun Tong in Braddon when I read that it would be a new dumpling house. It opened a few months ago and I headed over there with some work colleagues for lunch. Upon entering, I got a bit of deja vu as all the tables, chairs, bowls and cutlery all looked familiar – identical to the Dumpling Inn in Woden. Turns out, they are the same owners! I figured the menu would be pretty similar but there looked to be a lot more choice at Yat Bun Tong with lots of pictures on the menu. I was completely overwhelmed!

A complimentary plate of Chinese fried bread sticks was provided to us to much on while deciding on what to order.

Yat Bun Tong Braddon starter

I always choose the xiao long bao at every new Chinese restaurant I go to. The xiao long bao ($13.80 for 10) were similar to the parent restaurant in that the dumpling skin was quite thick with only the tiniest drop of broth. Perhaps the broth had evaporated? I ate two pieces before giving up as the dumplings were just too dry.

Yat Bun Tong Braddon xiao long bao

I also can’t go past handmade noodles, so I ordered the handmade noodle with seafood and XO sauce (approx $14.80). I loved the fat juicy noodles which came with some prawns, plenty of squid and some chunks of seafood extender. Everything tastes good in XO sauce and it was a generous serving so I really liked this dish.

Yat Bun Tong Braddon handmade noodles

One of my work colleagues ordered the shredded pork in Beijing sauce with pancakes ($16.80 for 6). The thin pancakes were simply the best I’ve ever had – thin, so soft, warm and undeniably fresh. No other pancake has given me such a delightful reaction. The shredded pork had been smothered in sauce and tasted great. Such a yummy treat. The shredded pork had been presented in a ‘nest’ of spring onion which I added to the pancake, peking duck pancake style. I would order this dish again.

Yat Bun Tong Braddon shredded pork pancake

Another colleague picked the dry fried chilli beef ($15.80) which was served thinly sliced and cold. I think this was intentionally cold. It was more of a Chinese meatloaf as it didn’t taste like your normal cuts of beef. There was a decent portion of meat which had been marinated in sauce. I don’t think I’d order this again, purely because my eyes were saying ‘ooh yummy beef’ and my tastebuds were saying ‘oh it’s cold’.

Yat Bun Tong Braddon beef

A large fried rice was ordered to share ($7). There was only a $1 difference in the price between the two sizes. Again, a very generous serving was provided.

Yat Bun Tong Braddon fried rice

Service is polite and quick – tap water and glasses provided as we sat down, orders were taken promptly and our dishes arrived quickly. There was much to feast on and it helped that the menu had pictures! I had the same problem with the table as the Woden eatery in that I couldn’t cross my legs because the table was too low for me, and/or the chairs too high. It may also get pretty noisy inside depending on what time you go. All in all, I’m happy that there is another Asian eatery close to Civic. I’m sure the locals are pleased too. I’ve been told the fried pork buns are pretty good, so I’ll need to try the other range of dumplings on offer soon.

Yat Bun Tong Braddon

Yat Bun Tong can be found on Lonsdale Street on the same side and just a few doors down from the Civic Pub. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

Foodgasm 7/10
Value for money 8/10
Service 8/10

FPJ score 23/30

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