I’ve been wanting to try Cre Asion cafe in the Sydney CBD for a while now after seeing droolworthy photos of its creations on Instagram. Tucked away in a small alley, Cre Asion is tiny with very minimal seating on low stools and tables that don’t even reach your knee. Cre Asion makes bowls of matcha lattes, some Asian desserts and macarons. Orders are written on small post it notes and there’s something quaint about that. It’s not a big city pumping cafe but very simple with just a few items on the menu.

Cre Asion Sydney outside

There were plenty of macarons in the display cabinet but I was there for the matcha latte and the matcha chocolate fondant.

Cre Asion macaron display

I was lucky to find 4 matcha chocolate fondants left as these bad boys sell out quickly.

Cre Asion matcha fondant display

The matcha latte in a bowl game out thick and bright green. It was a lot more bitter than what I’m used to, but this is meant to be sipped and not downed quickly. J didn’t like it. I must admit matcha lattes do need an acquired taste and some getting used to. It’s also caffeine free.

Cre Asion Sydney matcha latte

The matcha chocolate fondant took a lot longer to come out than expected (30 minutes). The staff member was very apologetic about it. He wasn’t able to take the cake wrapper off without ruining the fondant (this is usually served without the paper lining).

Cre Asion matcha fondant

We broke the fondant and poured some of the matcha cream over the top. Yum. This was really nice and sweet, gooey from the melted matcha cream inside and what was poured over the top. It was also chocolatey enough to complement the matcha flavour. I would easily order this again.

Cre Asion Sydney matcha fondant

Some friends got there a few minutes after I’d ordered when the matcha fondant had run out. So they ordered another dessert instead. This was the kinako mochi, roasted green tea jelly, red beans and kuromitsu syrup ($9.50), as well as a matcha latte.

Cre Asion Sydney dessert

Cafe Cre Asion may not suit everyone’s tastes. You would have to like matcha in order to make the trip here. Service is very friendly and it can be a bit of a wait for the matcha chocolate fondant. Luckily the matcha lattes don’t take long to make. The cafe is located in a quiet area off the main streets so there is a sense of calm about the place even when it’s packed. The cafe also offers a limited all day breakfast menu for $10 or under, and yes there are regular coffees available too.

Worth a try for the fondant!

Foodgasm 8/10
Value for money 10/10
Service 7/10

FPJ score 25/30

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