One of the lesser known eateries to open in the Braddon precinct, is Roleee. Offering roti wraps and rice bowls, Roleee provides an Indian twist to fast food. Choose either a roti wrap, rice bowl or salad bowl, then choose from the chicken, beef, goat or vegetarian (chickpea and paneer) options.

Roleee Braddon insideI love the sign on the wall. I am definitely prone to being hangry!

Roleee Braddon signageI ordered the subtly spiced chicken roleee with mint coriander chutney, lentils and green apple ($10.90).

Rolee Braddon CanberraThe chicken was tender and the curry flavours so tasty and only mildly spicy. The roleee is stuffed full with lentils that it was nearly overflowing. I loved the addition of crispy thin slices of green juicy apple in the roleee which helped to add some freshness and cut through any heaviness. A delicious and affordable lunch.

Roleee Braddon chicken roti wrapThere are kids roleee versions as well as creamy kulfi for dessert and mango lassi; and shikanji (homemade lemonade) on the drinks menu. I was kindly provided with a small tub of lassi to try which was lovely and thick. Sides include baked samosas, daal soup served with roti and mini roleees for $7.50.

Roleee offers Indian street food that seems to cater for vegetarians and those with gluten intolerances. Service is fast and given with a smile. There are no Braddon price tags so the food is very affordable. I hope it does well.

I’m unsure of opening times but I know it’s open Saturday for lunch! The menu is available on Roleee’s Facebook page.

Foodgasm 8/10
Value for money 9/10
Service 9/10

FPJ score 26/30

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