Fast food chain Schnitz recently opened at Westfield Woden. Offering hand made and pan cooked schnitzels, there is plenty on the menu to suit most palates. There are 14 types of schnitzel rolls/wraps to choose from, your plain schnitzel or parma with salad and chips, gourmet salads, smaller snack sized options like schnitz sticks, and a kid’s menu. You also get to choose from chicken, beef, fish or vegetarian schnitzel. A crumb free option is available.

There’s a slight hipster feel with the brick wall sectioning off the dining area, light globes strung above the mix of booths and tables, wooden crates filled with plants hanging from the ceiling. There are seats inside and outside but take away seemed to be the most popular choice that day. The wooden antler-like chandelier looks pretty funky.

Schnitz lightingI ordered the Parmageddon ($13.50) purely for its name. I chose the chicken schnitzel parma topped with napoli sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, grilled peppers, grilled mushrooms, fresh basil and Italian herbs. I added the small combo ($5.50) to get a drink and a small serve of chips. The roll looked relatively small when it came out and I couldn’t help feel a little disappointed thinking the name Parmageddon would somehow result in a large mighty burger. However, I was really happy with the schnitzel – crunchy crumb and succulent chicken. The traditional parma with napoli sauce and cheese is a no brainer. A winning combination of flavour. What impressed me was the bread roll. It had the consistency of Turkish bread that is soft and light with ‘pockets’ of air in the roll, and easy to chew (no crunchy flakey bits flying as it’s bitten into). The chips deserve a mention – they are seasoned with ‘Tom’s secret seasoning’. I don’t know how many spices there are but they taste fantastic! Great crunch factor too. A definite must try.

Schnitz ParmageddonMy friend ordered the Plain and Simple ($10.50) with chicken schnitty, tasty cheese, baby cos lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion and mayo. He was very satisfied with his roll.

Schnitz plain and simpleI headed back with another friend the week after to try more of the menu. I was excited to see the Royal Chip Butty on the menu. A chip butty, or chip roll as is known to my friends in Perth, is basically a bread roll stuffed with hot chips and gravy. Everyone always gives me a funny look when I mention the chip roll, must not be an East Coast thing as I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I chose my Royal Chip Butty ($9.50) with fish schnitzel (I figure fish and chips will be a great combo in a roll), and it came with hot chips and BBQ sauce (no gravy at Schnitz but I was still interested in trying this). There were two portions of perfectly cooked fish – soft and glowing white flesh that were nice and crispy on the outside. I thought the fish and chip combo worked well together. The BBQ sauce gave a nice tang to the roll, though I would loved to have tasted this with gravy. I couldn’t resist the small combo of chips and a drink – can’t get enough of those chips!

Schnitz Royal Chip buttyMy friend ordered the OMG! ($14.50) with chicken schnitty, tasty cheese, rindless bacon, pineapple, egg, baby cos lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, BBQ relish and creamy aioli in a wrap. She didn’t finish the whole thing as it was just too much. I’d be keen to try this out next.

Schnitz OMG wrapThere were several other people lining up during the lunch time rush. Every schnitzel is made to order. Schnitz is well staffed and it looks like there is a production line to pump out the schnitzels so the wait wasn’t too long. I heard words of encouragement ‘Great work guys, keep it up!’ from who I’m guessing is the manager which is a good sign that it will be run well.

Schnitz inside wallSchnitz is located at Westfield Woden (literally at the entrance at the Woolworth’s end of the plaza) and Westfield Belconnen.

Foodgasm 8/10
Value for money 8/10
Service 9/10

FPJ score 25/30

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