Some friends and I headed back to Fox & Bow Cafe in Farrer to check out the new menu since our last visit in January. I was impressed with the menu, prices and vibe so I was keen to go back. First up, I ordered the Bruno Mars ($6.90) shake consisting of milk, chocolate gelato, choc-caramel fudge and topped with salted caramel gelato. OMG. This was so good but oh so bad. That salted caramel gelato was fabulous! The rest was creamy and thick like a proper milkshake should be. I had to be quick as the gelato was already melting and dribbling down the side when it arrived.

Fox and Bow Cafe Bruno Mars smoothieSince the Bruno Mars was my sweet hit, I decided to go for a healthier breakfast. I chose the Bean There Babe ($15) consisting of bean and ham hock ragout, corn and herb flapjack, 2 fried free range eggs, avocado and lemon mint philly. I love the slightly thicker fried eggs which were cooked just how I like them where the yolk is still runny. Avocado is dressed up with sesame seeds to add some nuttiness to the dish. I liked the addition of a simple salad with onion and corn to offset the heaviness from the beans. I couldn’t really taste any ham hock but I did enjoy the bean ragout.

Fox and Bow Cafe bean and gone breakfastThe flapjack was thick (photo below) but best of all, it was soft and fluffy. Filled with corn and herbs, this provided just enough carbs to get me through the morning. This was great dipped into the ragout and egg.

Fox and Bow Cafe flapjackMy friend ordered my second choice breakfast, the Passion Pop ($13.50) of brioche French toast, raspberries, passionfruit gelato and popping candy. It looked great with the blue candy!

Fox and Bow Cafe brioche french toast popping candyBoth V and Mr STTA ordered the healthy Senorita Fox ($18) of 2 poached eggs, avocado, smoked salmon, asparagus, lemon, parsley and grilled haloumi which is also gluten free.

Fox and Bow Cafe Senorita Fox Mr STTA also tried the gluten free toast with butter and jam ($5). He was impressed that the gluten free toast looked like regular toast rather than those dry sad squares that are usually served. The story behind this is that the baker’s child was a coeliac and so the baker learnt to make good gluten free bread. Huzzah.

Fox and Bow Cafe gluten free breadFox and Bow Cafe uses Tilba Real Milk. This is an unhomogenised milk which basically means the milk particles have not gone through a process of being blasted and broken down. Instead, the creamy fat rises to the top of the bottle and you need to shake it to distribute it evenly into the milk. Like the old school milk bottle that used to be delivered by the milk man. There is much debate about what is healthier for you – homogenised or unhomogenised. Some say the more unprocessed it is, the better. I tend to agree. Either way, it tastes good! Thanks to owner Alex who explained the difference and let me try it.

Fox and Bow Cafe Tilba milkA flat white and latte for my dining companions were ordered.

Fox and Bow Farrer coffeeAs per my first visit here, everyone was enjoying the sunshine and the live music playing. A very chilled place to hang out, though it can get a bit loud when it’s fully packed.

Fox and Bow FarrerOrders are taken at the counter and we didn’t wait long before our drinks and meals arrived. Fox & Bow is becoming popular as a hidden gem in Farrer. Better get there early!

Open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch.

Foodgasm 7.5/10
Value for money 9/10
Service 8/10

FPJ score 23.5/30

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