*I dined as a guest of the Elk & Pea, however all opinions are my own.Elk and Pea Braddon insideI was invited to dine at the Elk & Pea to try out the recently introduced Sunday special – the Boozy Breakfast. That’s right. For $25, you get a choice of two breakfasts and either a house beer or Mimosa. The dishes on offer are the Grande (usually $22 on its own) or the smashed avocado and shrooms (usually $19 on its own). The two options should please most people – vegetarian and/or health conscious, and those with a big appetite and/or love bacon and chorizo.

Elk and Pea boozy breakfast drinksMy partner and I ordered one of each. Since I don’t drink, I let him get boozed up on both drinks and ordered a tea-tail ($5.50) instead. That day’s flavour was a ginger tea but the flavour changes regularly. I really enjoyed it – sort of like a ginger beer without the fizzy beer. Unfortunately, we got there around lunch time (peak period) so there was a wait of over an hour for the food. I noticed other diners who had sat down a good deal of time after me receive their meals before us so I had to go check that we hadn’t been forgotten. The drinks and coffee had long been finished before the food arrived.

Elk and Pea Braddon tea-tailThe smashed avocado and shrooms consisted of thyme-butter mushrooms, smashed avocado, marinated feta, torn basil and a poached egg on sourdough toast. Healthy, vegetarian and best of all, guilt-free! A balanced dish with just the right portions of all elements. I love mushrooms! Simple and it works.

Elk and Pea Braddon shrooms breakfast The Grande consists of two eggs your way on sourdough toast with bacon, chorizo, mushrooms, spinach and black beans. This is served on a gigantic plate. The black beans were mixed with a corn salsa which was mildly spicy. I liked the charred chorizo offering fatty goodness. Extremely filling for just one person.

Elk and Pea Grande breakfastApart from the long wait, service is pleasant and everyone around us seemed to be enjoying themselves. We sat outdoors so noise levels were at a minimum. I noticed it was slightly louder inside.

Elk and Pea boozy breakfastThe Boozy Breakfast is available all day on Sundays 8am-3pm and is planned to run for the next few months. Both breakfast options can be made gluten free on request (signaled by the GFR on the menu) for an extra $2.

Note: there is a 10% surcharge on Sundays and public holidays.

Foodgasm 7/10
Value for money 8/10
Service 5/10

FPJ score 20/30

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