Cold pressed juices are all the rage with another juice shop, Pressed Juices, recently opening in Manuka. Offering 100% cold pressed fruit and vegetables, Pressed Juices joins the likes of Local Press Cafe, Autolyse Pressed Juice and The Fix cold pressed juices that’s available in several stores around Canberra.

Pressed Juices ManukaStepping inside, the store feels similar to its juices. It’s clean, natural and cool. Several raw wooden crates line the walls and ceiling with plants dotted around the store.

Pressed Juices Manuka CanberraI walked over to the menu on the wall to pick out some juices but was completely overwhelmed with the choices. The menu (available online) is split into categories of greens, earth, zing, zest, tropical bliss, mylk, smoothies, tonics and organic elixirs. Juices range from $8.50 – $10.50 with the small elixirs priced at $5.

Pressed Juices Manuka insideI gave up trying to pick something from the menu (I counted 40 different variations!) and instead walked over to the large refridgerated unit where a selection of juices are displayed. I was going to let my eyes guide me instead.

Pressed Juices Manuka cabinetI’m told that the elixirs are like a small concentrated shot that comes in three varieties – immunity, digest and endurance.

Pressed Juices elixirI decided on two juices – the tropical bliss 2 ($9.50) consisting of watermelon, strawberry, lime, mint and maqui. I loved the tropical bliss 2 as it had some of my favourite fruits in it. That went down very quickly. Then the greens 3 ($9) consisting of apple, cucumber, lettuce, celery, spinach, kale, lemon, parsley and ginger. This took a little longer to drink as it’s a little bitter with a spicy after taste of ginger. I kept thinking ‘this is good for me, keep drinking’. Not my favourite combination but it’s a good option if you need to up your greens intake.

Pressed JuicesAll juices are 470ml except the elixirs which are 100ml. Prices are a little expensive but you do get 100% fruit and vegetable goodness in you. Pressed Juices also offers three different juice cleanse programs – basic, advanced and master, over three ($198) or five days ($319). I’m not sure if I could just drink juice all day and not eat, but I do like trying out the juices! Service is nice and I appreciated being asked if I needed any help, but I did get the feeling of being watched closely while trying to decide which juice I wanted.

Pressed Juices is located on Franklin Street in Manuka with the entrance in the Style Arcade.

Foodgasm 8/10
Price 6/10
Service 7/10

FPJ score 21/30

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