Potato lovers rejoice! SpudBar recently opened in Civic selling all things spud. Though the address is on Bunda Street, it’s not actually on Bunda Street which I found out after walking up and down numerous times trying to find the place. SpudBar looks out onto Garema Place and is next to iPho.

Spudbar CanberraThe menu is online and I was impressed to see the photos of the spuds served in a big bowl. Items on the menu should satisfy the majority with spuds like pulled pork, slow cooked lamb, bolognese and Mexican chicken. The four kinds of vegetarian spuds like the chilli bean and salsa (topped with corn chips!) and the chickpea, pumpkin and lentil dahl sound tasty as well. Gluten intolerant diners will be pleased to know that everything on the menu is 100% gluten free. The system of ordering is Subway-style, starting at the left end of the counter where you give your order and watch as the spud bowl is made in front of you. Then pay at the end.

SpudbarI changed my mind three times and finally settled on the pulled pork with baby spinach, shredded cabbage, corn, peas, spring onions and light sour cream ($12.90). I was asked whether I wanted a normal potato or a sweet potato (oh no more choice?!) and started to mentally assess which would taste better with the pulled pork, when I was presented with a third choice – half of both. Third choice it was. Served in a big bowl, this looked fresh, green and somewhat healthy. There was only a small portion of pulled pork hiding underneath all those vegies, but it was warm, tender and really did pull apart easily. I absolutely loved the crunchiness in this meal from the fresh cabbage, corn kernels and peas. It contrasted nicely against the soft potatoes. A good choice and it wasn’t as heavy a meal as I thought it would be. Quite the opposite actually. I prefer the lighter and sweeter sweet potato to regular potato so I’m glad I went with the half half option.

Spudbar Canberra pulled porkI noticed some condiments on the end of the counter near the cash register that you can help yourself to but I didn’t need anything extra on mine.

Spudbar condimentsV ordered the home style bolognese ($11.20) consisting of beef bolognese, tasty cheese, carrot, peas, corn, light sour cream, garlic and spring onions. She only managed to finish half as she wasn’t expecting such a large portion.

Spudbar Canberra bolognaiseOverall, great prices, portions and selection of items on the menu. If the portion is too big for you or if you just want a small snack, there are snack spuds! Basically a half sized spud around the $6 mark. It’s quick and everything is made in front of you. You can even order your spud to go. I think there is more seating around the back but I didn’t get a chance to check it out. V and I sat on the stools by the window to people-watch instead.

SpudBar is open from 11am to 9pm Monday to Saturday.

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Foodgasm 7/10

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