I missed out on trying brunch at Eightysix during Good Food Month so I was really happy when I found out Eightysix brunch is here to stay! Brunch only available Sunday’s. I headed in early in the morning and got a seat at the kitchen counter (best seats in the house).

Eightysix Braddon kitchenI’d seen a sample menu on their Facebook page but the one I got that morning had some additions. I’ve never had a harder choice at selecting a dish! Some of the dishes are small e.g the duck bun which is one serve for $8. Very pricey but I needed to try it.

Eightysix Braddon duck bunThe tender duck inside was yummy with some slices of cucumber, spring onion and a good hit of mild sriracha chili sauce. Nice but not the best I’ve had. I felt like there should have been more duck meat or extra something for the price tag.

Eightysix duck bunFor a ‘main’ I was originally going to have the gnocco with asparagus and poached eggs – a healthy option after indulging on ricotta hotcakes the day before. But being the major sweet tooth that I am, I was curious about the sweeter dishes. I watched staff make a fresh waffle for the popcorn chicken waffle but I’ve had something similar at Smoque Woden. I ended up choosing the French toast with prosciutto, strawberries, granola and cinnamon ice cream ($20). Prosciutto with French toast? Must try!

Eightysix Braddon french toastAmazing. I really loved the flavour combinations. Beautiful thick slices of toast with sugar on top. Two scoops of ice cream! The prosciutto had been dried and was a little crunchy providing a perfect hit of saltiness to counterbalance the sweetness. The crispy prosciutto along with the granola gave the dish a crunchy element and jazzed it up. A superb dish.

I sneakily ordered the bolognaise jaffle ($12) to go. Take away isn’t usually available but the staff were nice enough to wrap up the jaffle for me anyway 🙂 I taste tested as soon as I got home because, you know, it was still hot and I didn’t want to lose the crispness of a freshly made jaffle. All in the name of food blogging. The bolognaise was full of flavour mixed in with herbs like basil. A really simple jaffle filling but so so tasty. It makes me think what other fillings could be used in a jaffle – the possibilities are endless. This was devoured later in the day.

Eightysix Braddon bolognaise jaffleAnd a close up shot of the bolognaise jaffle.

Eightysix jaffle insideI also ordered the orange, passion fruit and elderflower cooler ($8) but didn’t realise it would be fizzy. It was a bit too early in the morning for fizzy drinks. Oh well, an early morning mock tail.

Eightysix coolerI’m really glad Eightysix have permanently added a brunch service. The food is fantastic and there are a variety of sizes from snack sized dishes (like the duck bun) to a fuller portion. You won’t find simple bacon and eggs here – rather more creative twists to take a traditional breakfast to another level. Why not try a black pudding and egg muffin, coca cola meatloaf, or a popcorn chicken waffle.

Sitting at the counter, you can watch the chefs create your meal and have a nice chat to them. Service is relaxed and helpful. My waitress explained the various sized dishes to me to help me make my decision. The atmosphere is quiet (though I did get there at 9am when it opened) but I think this will change when word spreads about brunch. I can’t wait to go back for more.

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Foodgasm 8/10
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