My partner and I headed to Outback Jacks for dinner with the all you can eat ribs and wings in mind. Entering the recently opened Canberra City eatery, the first thing you notice when walking inside is the massive crocodile floating above. I couldn’t get the whole shot as we were sitting underneath, but it was big.

Outback Jacks CanberraThe all you can eat ribs and wings is only $29.95 per person and is available Monday to Wednesday for both lunch and dinner. Perusing the regular menu, I find out this is really great value as just one serve of ribs is $34.95, so you might as well go the all you can eat option. Chips are also provided with the deal. We were told we had to finish the entire plate before a second serve could be provided. Ribs come in mild, medium or hot sauce.

Outback Jacks all you can eatThere was a bit of confusion around the beer (teething issues to be fixed) but my partner finally got his pint of beer.
Outback Jacks pintDipping bowls with hot water are provided to clean sticky fingers later on.

Outback Jacks dipping bowl
It took about 20 minutes for our ribs and wings to come out. I’m impressed that there’s three types of ribs provided – pork, beef and lamb. The lamb ribs were delicious and coated in a BBQ sauce marinade. They were tender and easily came off the bone. I liked how the lamb was slightly charred. Actually, all the ribs were great and most importantly tender. I chose the mild sauce on my wings which tasted like sweet and sour sauce. My partner chose hot sauce expecting the wings to come marinated in a spicy BBQ sauce, but was disappointed when it was simply some mild chilli sauce squirted over the wings and only the wings on top had sauce on them. The chips were a little dry and I got sick of them after a while.

Outback Jacks all you can eat ribs wingsTo be a little healthier, I ordered a side of house salad ($5.50) too. This was much larger than expected so it was good value. However, I didn’t like that it was drowned in vinaigrette.

Outback Jacks saladYou are meant to finish everything on the plate before a second serving is provided, that includes the chips. I would’ve liked a few more ribs but couldn’t finish off the chips. My partner asked for a small second serving and I got to have an extra rib from that. Overall, all you can eat ribs and wings is good value. It’s much cheaper than one serve of ribs from the regular menu and you can have as much as you want as long as you finish each plate. Although it wasn’t a busy night, there was a bit of a wait for our orders to be taken. A few teething issues to sort through but overall, we had a pleasant experience.

Outback Jack’s in Canberra City is located on the corner of Northbourne Avenue and London Circuit (in the Sydney building). All you can eat ribs and wings is available Monday to Wednesday.

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Foodgasm 7/10

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