The Spit Shack in Pialligo have the best roast pork and lamb rolls in Canberra. A big statement to make but it’s true. As the name suggests, both pig and lamb are spit-roasted on site. Located at a nursery in Pialligo (near the airport), there’s a large sign at the front identifying that you’ve reached the right place. There wasn’t much parking available – a few spots on the gravel at the front of the nursery or on the gravel at the side of the road. After parking, I noticed the man in the car next to me was sitting in his car eating a massive roll. I definitely knew I was in the right spot! Walking towards the entrance, I noticed a massive pig  turning in an enclosed spit.

Spit Shack Pialligo CanberraIt literally is a small shack with the menu hung up on the right (and online) and a large window where you’re greeted by staff who take your order. There are limited tables outside under the shade of the trees with a few people (construction workers and suits) already sitting down and eating by midday.

Spit Shack PialligoDisplayed on the counter are bowls of native mint and salt bush that can be added to your roll. I ordered the lamb roll ($12.90) and was asked whether I wanted mint and gravy on that. Yes please! I also ordered the pork roll ($12.90) and was asked whether I wanted apple and gravy on that. Yes please! Both rolls are foot long and no this wasn’t all for me. I was told to sample some of the pork crackling they had sitting on a plate – very tasty and crunchy. It only took about 5 minutes before my name was called out and I was back in my car to head home.

Spit Shack Pialligo rollsDon’t expect tiny slices of pork and a bit of gravy. This roll was completely filled with large diced chunks of succulent pork and plenty of it. No scrimping here. There was just enough apple sauce and lots of gravy too. Absolutely delicious from the first mouthful. There was no crackling in the roll but it doesn’t hurt to ask if you want it. There’s no way you can eat this daintily. Expect pork spilling, gravy splattering and finger licking.

Spit Shack Pialligo pork gravy rollThe lamb roll was even better! Again, very generous large chunks of soft roast lamb from the spit. The roast lamb doesn’t taste too gamey so my partner (who isn’t the biggest fan of lamb) really enjoyed it and this was his favourite of the two. There were some crunchy bits in the roll (perhaps some kind of crackling? maybe they got it mixed up with the pork) which is an added bonus. I couldn’t taste any mint but the lamb and gravy on its own were just perfection anyway. Seriously, it is SO GOOD!

Spit Shack Pialligo lamb rollBetween my partner and I, we couldn’t finish both rolls. There was so much meat. One roll could be shared between two people. Besides the pork and lamb rolls, you can also purchase a cevapcici roll (gourmet skinless sausages) and egg and bacon rolls in the mornings. A great thing about The Spit Shack is that it uses produce from local farmers – everything from the pig and lamb, to the bread and eggs are sourced locally.

Overall, The Spit Shack is cheap, quick, uses high quality locally sourced meat and offers large mouthwatering roast pork and lamb rolls.

The Spit Shack is located at the Pialligo Native Flora Nursery on 3 Beltana Road in Pialligo and is the first stop on the left after the traffic lights. There’s clear signage so you can’t miss it. Open seven days a week from 6.30am to 3pm. Northsiders will be happy to know that The Spit Shack is opening its second shack on Lonsdale Street in Braddon soon.

Foodgasm 9/10

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  1. Finally got to eat at the spit shack and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys good food. I had a foot long lamb roll with mint sauce and gravy and I could not put it down I had to eat it all will go back soon for the pork roll well worth the two and a half drive

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