I came across this lunch and dinner specials sign as I walked past the Woden Bus Interchange. An $8 rice and curry sounded like a good deal.

The cafe was empty when I arrived (around 12 noon) and there was no one to be seen. I could hear someone out the back and called out to receive a reply that they’d be out soon.

Meanwhile, I scoped out the three types of curries, rice and vegetables in the bain-marie.

The $8 deal includes one curry, two types of vegetables and rice of your choice. I chose the chicken curry with okra and beetroot. The small container is mostly filled with rice. I only received 2 spoonfuls of curry and was a little concerned with the small amount. I greedily asked if I could have a bit more curry, and she gave me an extra chunk of chicken and sauce, stating this is how much she usually gives out to people for this deal.

The curry had lots of flavour but I found the chicken had some gristly fatty bits on it. The texture of the okra was slimy but tasty when I bit into it. (Okra fact that I recently learnt: okra releases a glutinous substance when cooked and is commonly used to thicken soups and stews, hence the sliminess). The beetroot gave a nice sweetness to the dish. I definitely could’ve eaten more but was grateful for a light lunch before heading back for 5 more hours of sitting in front of a computer.

The sign for Sri Lankan lamprais caught my eye. I wouldn’t mind trying this out next time especially after enjoying a similar dish at Banana Leaf in civic.

Not a bad spot to try for a light lunch. There were some fried appetizers such as spring rolls and samosas in a second bain-marie if you need to fill up on more. There are signs against the window advertising homemade mango ice cream, faluda, wood apple cream (no idea what that is) and fresh papaya juice. I couldn’t see any other food menu of any kind apart from the lamprais.

Ceylon Cafe is located under the steps leading from the Woden Bus Interchange to the plaza.

Foodgasm 6/10

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