Walt and Burley recently introduced its weekend breakfast menu. There was talk about it opening for  breakfast after it had settled in to the Kingston Foreshore so I was super excited to try it out. Love the idea of brunch by the lakeside in Spring.

The one page menu has enough to satisfy most people – the Burley Breakfast Harvest filled with healthy greens or the coconut and chia seed pudding for the more health conscious diners, the Big Breakfast for the hungrier diners that want the works, the classic bacon and egg roll, and house made waffles for those with a sweet tooth are just some of the items on the menu.

I decided on the house made Belgian waffles with cinnamon ice cream, fresh strawberries and honey ($16). The waffles were not the soft and fluffy waffles I was hoping for but the cinnamon ice cream was delicious and there was just enough honey drizzled on top for added sweetness. I felt like there was something missing with this dish as there wasn’t enough ‘oomph’.

My partner had the Burley Breakfast Harvest ($19.50) consisting of kale, fresh broccolini, cherry tomatoes, buckwheat, baby beets, pistachios, avocado and two poached eggs garnished with dukkah. The avocado was missing from the plate and came out in a little side dish when we enquired about it with the waitress. Filled with fresh crunchy vegetables sitting on top of a thick slice of toast, this is a healthy start to the day.

D ordered the Big Breakfast ($22) of thick cut sourdough, stacked with chorizo, triple smoked bacon, 2 eggs, wild mushrooms, grilled tomato, avocado and house made hash brown. D wasn’t overly impressed with the dish but there was a huge portion on the plate.

Our coffees arrived after we had commenced eating our meals. Our waitress was apologetic when she brought these out to us. My soy mocha ($4) came in a large mug. There’s no hot drinks menu so I’m guessing this is the large size.

D had his flat white that came in a tall glass.

It was a nice day to sit outside with a bit of sun on our backs.

This is only the second weekend of Walt & Burley‘s breakfast service so there are a few things that need ironing out. Wait staff are keen to hear your feedback about the food and pass it onto the chefs.  The location is fantastic and probably the best on the Foreshore, however there’s fierce competition with Local Press, C Dine Bar and 38 Espresso offering breakfast options.

Breakfast is served between 8.00-10.30am on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you place your order at the bar by 10.30 or you will miss out.

Foodgasm 6/10
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