Tucked away on Dundas Court in Phillip is Eat Me Drink Me – a small cafe serving Nerissimo coffee, breakfast, sandwiches, pies and surprisingly dumplings!

The inside of the cafe is as playful as it’s name. Bright blue floor tiles, fuchsia painted walls on one side and lime green walls on the other. There are a few comfy sofas by the front window if you want to chillax with a coffee and paper.

I love a cheap meal, not to mention dumplings, so I couldn’t resist trying the $5 pan-fried dumplings. These are filled with with pork and chives, however a vegetarian option is also available and I’m advised this would take slightly longer to come out as they’d need to make them.

Smothered in a beautiful, sticky, spicy, sweet soy sauce variety, these dumplings were an indulgence. Served hot I loved the stickiness of the sauce. There was a bit of oil pooling at the bottom of the bowl but the dumplings were so delicious! I got about 9 in the serve which was filling after ordering a drink. A hungrier person may need to order 2 serves but it still works out pretty cheap. I couldn’t quite work out what the sauce was and asked one of the staff. He confirmed they use an Indonesian sweet soy sauce – kecap manis.

I also ordered the Italian thick hot chocolate ($5) which came out with a small jug of milk, marshmallows, cinnamon and chilli powder. Dark chocolate is used to prevent it being sickeningly sweet. This is very thick and the extra milk is perfect to slowly add into the hot chocolate if you want to lighten the drink.

A small block of chocolate melts in the middle of the cup adding extra chocolatey goodness.

Italian thick hot chocolate

Eat Me Drink Me offers breakfast and lunch Mondays to Saturdays. Prices are affordable. Hamburgers are home made and sandwiches are freshly made. They even have croissant sandwiches!

You can’t go wrong with the $5 dumplings – great value and delicious!

Foodgasm 7.5/10
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