A few weeks ago, I went to a birthday dinner at Chong Co Thai along the Kingston Foreshore. My first visit there didn’t impress me but I have heard good things about the massamun curries and other dishes from friends. We were seated outside under the warmth of the outdoor heaters where we were protected from the wind by some plastic blinds. We were all starving so entrees were a must! As there were 6 of us wanting to share entrees and most came in serves of 4, we asked if we could pay a bit extra to have serves of 6. The restaurant was happy to oblige (though I don’t quite remember how much each entree ended up costing).

First up, prawn twisters straight from the fryer which had a nice crunchy pastry.

A good chunk of prawn meat inside too.

The Thai fish cakes were a little spicy but yummy with lots of spring onion.

The satay chicken skewers had a very thick peanut sauce over the top. There was a decent amount of chicken meat on each skewer.

The curry puffs had a lovely soft and slightly crispy skin surrounding a vegetable filling. Can’t go wrong with curry puffs.

For the mains, I chose the beef massamun curry (around the $23 mark) and was really happy with it. The large chunks of beef were fall-off-your-fork tender and there was so much of it. The curry itself was also delicious on top of my coconut rice. I couldn’t finish the main (probably because I’d stuffed myself with entrees) but would gladly order it again.

Tender chunks of beef that pull apart easily
Coconut rice $4.50 per serve

Food porn of other dishes:

Whole fish deep fried with chilli and basil
Beef with black bean stir fry


Chong Co Thai lamb shank
Massamun lamb shank


Squid garlic and pepper stir fry


This was a much different experience to my first time at Chong Co Thai where I didn’t enjoy the food as much. This time around, I was happy with the entrees and my main. Staff were always smiling and their willingness to increase the serve of entrees shows they can be flexible for diners. We were warmly fare-welled on our way out too. If you can brave the cold, it’s much quieter if you sit outside under the heaters.

I still think prices are expensive compared to other Thai places, but I guess someone has to pay for the lakeside view.

Other Thai options on the Foreshore is my favourite spot Morks (contemporary Thai) or the newly opened CocoNine.

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Foodgasm 7/10

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