I’d seen photos of a matcha parfait on reviews about Chanoma Cafe in Sydney and put this on my list of places to try on my next visit to Sydney. Located at Regents Place on George Street, there are quite a few other restaurants and cafes in the complex.

I had a look at the menu outside to decide which parfait I wanted. There are several matcha options to choose from with hot and cold drinks, and soft serve ice cream being a popular choice.

Surprisingly, they also sell hot dogs. It was 3pm and I wasn’t hungry enough to have a hot dog, so I’ll have to try them out another time.

The cafe itself is quite small with limited seating available. Some ‘greenery’ has been brought inside with glass decals of foliage hanging down from the ceiling.

The kitchen is tiny and narrow too. I ordered the chocolate matcha parfait ($9.50) and got a seat outside.

Diners can peek into the window and watch everything being made.

It took less than 5 minutes for my parfait to come out. It was piled high with various items – matcha ice cream, sweet red bean paste, chopped up fruit, rice cakes, pocky, cornflakes (yep cornflakes), whipped cream, chocolate sauce and topped with a waffle cone as decoration.

It looked pretty impressive! I didn’t think I’d finish it all but I did 🙂 The matcha ice cream is beautiful and I found it easy to just keep digging in and eating all the different elements.

At first I thought the cornflakes would be a little strange in the parfait, but I loved the crunchy texture it gave to the parfait. A brilliant idea.

The parfait used really simple ingredients, hence it was made so quickly, looked great and tasted good too. Worth a try especially if you love green tea and green tea ice cream.

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Foodgasm 7.5/10
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