A few weeks ago, Canberra burger institution Brodburger opened up its second venture, BrodDogs, in its distinctive red van in Belconnen. Selling gourmet hotdogs, BrodDogs made an appearance back in February at the Canberra National Multicultural Festival and it must’ve taken off from there!

BrodDogs is located on the top floor carpark of Westfield Belconnen towards the entrance (near Fernwood).

There are 8 broddogs to choose from and the majority give you a choice of dog – vienna frankfurt, spicy kransky or pork free dogs. You could have all sorts of combinations with a variety of extras such as chilli beef, pork belly, seasoned popcorn cauliflower and coleslaw. You can even make it a double dog for an extra $3.50. It’s great to see that all dogs are gluten-free and there are gluten-free buns for $1.50. The Veggie dog is the only choice for vegetarians and this can also be made vegan.

The Veggie dog ($8.50) consisted of seasoned fried popcorn cauliflower and eggplant, fondue cheese sauce, topped with sweet potato ribbons and shaved gruyere cheese. The cauliflower is covered in some brown sauce which I can’t ascertain as it’s not overly powerful or salty. I love the crispy sweet potato ribbons on top. It really is drowned in fondue cheesy sauce. Yum!

The white hotdog bun was so soft and fresh.

The New Yorker ($9) consists of your choice of dog (I chose the spicy kransky) with sauerkraut, triple smoked pork belly, corn relish and American mustard.

There was a mild amount of spiciness from the kransky which had bits of chilli in it. The corn relish  is drizzled on as the first layer at the bottom of the bun. This sweet relish is a good accompaniment to balance out the vinegary sauerkraut and salty dog. I couldn’t tell whether the pork belly was smoked let alone triple smoked so that didn’t add much value for me.

The BrodDog ($10.50) comes with your choice of dog (in this case the Vienna frankfurt), bacon, coleslaw, pickles, ketchup, corn relish, topped with sweet potato ribbons with shaved gruyere cheese. Packed with so many toppings, this is definitely a winner. I loved the crunchy coleslaw, the zing from the pickles (and I don’t usually like pickles) and the yummy frankfurt. The generous serving of shaved gruyere looks so soft and delicate, and tastes delicious.

Lots of mayonnaise and tomato sauce on this dog.

With 5 versions of chips available, I chose the cheesy chips ($6.50) smothered in fondue cheese and grated gruyere cheese. I’d closed the bag this comes in as I was taking this home with me so the chips got a little soggy because of that. Definitely an indulgence, these chips were great. Chips and two types of cheese? You can’t go wrong.

There are no tables or chairs, but most people prop their food on the ledge (with not the best view) looking over some cars and bins below or take it back into the plaza food court. Both times I went between 12-1 and only waited 10-15 minutes before my number was called out. One broddog is enough to nicely fill you. Similarly to Brodburger, I think BrodDogs will gain a loyal following. I wonder if they’ll bring BrodDogs to Kingston?

Worth checking out. BrodDogs is open Tuesday to Sunday. There’s no dedicated website at this stage but the Brodburger Facebook page has some updates.

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Foodgasm 7.5/10


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