I headed back to Ricardo’s about a month ago after hearing they had introduced self-injecting donuts to the menu. That day, they only had jam fillings but I was looking forward to it. Who doesn’t love a warm jam donut? This came out on a long thick wooden plank, with a warm sugar and cinnamon dusted donut on one end, and two jam-filled plastic syringes sitting next to it. This was going to be fun!

I pick up one of the syringes and slowly squeeze down the trigger to inject the warm jam filling into the side of the donut. Yum. This is a great idea, especially for those that like to control the amount of filling inside the donut. My sister would inject both syringes in as she loves sweet jam. I, on the other hand, only injected about half of one syringe as it’s just too sweet for me. Ricardo’s have different fillings each week. Based on its Facebook page, there’s been cookies and cream, warm apple pie, nutella and creme caramel, peanut butter and jelly, and salted caramel with white chocolate self-injecting donut flavours.

A new dessert that I really wanted to try from Ricardo’s tempting display cabinet of cakes was the Nutella Sandwich. This gluten-free dessert is made up of nutella mousse and salted hazelnut ganache encased in a hazelnut macaron ($8.90). It looked amazing and is rather huge.

It tasted just as good as it looked. That ganache is to die for! Chocolatey and smooth, I could’ve asked for a pot of it on the side. There was a lot of nutella mousse which I didn’t end up finishing as I was overdosing on sugar. What a creative new take on a nutella dessert. A perfectly made macaron too.

The peanut butter mousse ($8.90) with milk chocolate sponge, a raspberry jelly centre covered in peanuts and sprayed with gold looks so pretty. This is another gluten-free dessert.

We all know that peanut butter and jelly go well together, so it’s not surprising that this dessert works. A soft and luscious peanut butter mousse contrasting against the sweet jelly centre. The peanuts outside enhance the peanut flavour and add a yummy crunchiness. Though light and fluffy, this is heavy sugar and fat wise so it can be shared between a few people.

The lemon meringue tart looks just plain cute with soft meringue peaks that have been lightly toasted. The tart provided a punchy citrus hit without being overwhelmingly sour. I’m starting to like lemon meringue tarts.

The salted caramel cronut is a delicious half croissant half donut. Perfectly crispy and flakey like a croissant and then sugary sweet with cinnamon and sugar. Love it.

A shot of the display cabinet with a lot more new desserts I haven’t yet tried.

If you’ve seen my previous posts on Ricardo’s cakes and high tea, you’ll know that I love going back for its decently priced fantastic creations, not to mentions several gluten-free options. Food porn oh yeah.

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Foodgasm 8/10
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