One of my friends was having her hens night in Sydney. I never get to go to Sydney often, so I couldn’t wait to plot my foodie weekend. First stop after checking into the hotel was one of my favourites – Din Tai Fung at World Square. I hadn’t been back there for about a year and noticed a limited addition dumpling range on the menu – dumpling gems!

This was something I had to try! Each brightly coloured dumpling has a different filling inside so I wouldn’t recommend sharing 😉 Flavours include golden corn, seafood, bolognaise, cheese, BBQ pork, garlic pork and salad greens. The dumpling skin is so silky and delicate.

The salad green dumpling was delicious and included thin see-through vermicelli noodles. By memory, I think it was also the only dumpling with no soup inside. I really enjoyed being surprised at the different flavours. The cheese dumpling actually did taste cheesy – this was a little odd as it’s not a flavour I’d normally associate with a Chinese dumpling. I’m not sure I could eat many of them. The bolognaise was also a little strange but there was nice tomato hit. I enjoyed the salad greens, BBQ pork and golden corn the most.

Inside the salad greens dumpling

I couldn’t not order the best xiao long bao (pork soup dumplings) while I was there. I chose the 6 pieces for $10.80.

Xiao long bao are dumplings filled with pork mince and a hot soup, then encased in the silky smooth dumpling skin. These babies never disappoint. Absolutely delicious! And the best I’ve ever had. Be careful not to burn your mouth as the soup is very hot.

I love the lychee and mint drink. However I did notice an increase in price as it’s now $8.80.

Condiments such as soy sauce, vinegar and chilli are readily available on every table. I do like the fact that fresh ginger is placed in dipping bowls, ready to be mixed in with whatever you want.

You can also peek into the kitchen and watch the dozen or so staff roll, stuff and seal every kind of dumpling.

The ordering system is easy – pick what you want from the menu and write down the quantity of what you want on the ordering form. Staff members are placed in stations around the entire restaurant so it is very easy to get someone’s attention. Someone will come by to pick up your order and take it to the kitchen. They return with the bill printed out and place it on your table. Very quick and efficient service. Love the handbag holder idea too!

I always love going to Din Tai Fung and really wish we had one in Canberra. Definitely worth a visit.

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Foodgasm 8.5/10
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