On one of those spur of the moment Saturday brunches, a friend and I decided to head north-side and try brunch at Little Oink in Cook. There are a few tables outside covered in brightly coloured tablecloths. As I stepped inside, the beautiful colours and images painted on the feature wall are the first things I notice. The front counter is made up of two mismatched long wooden buffet tables standing side by side. There are no spare tables left when we get there but after about a 15 minute wait, we were seated inside.

The art work continues to the corner.

By the front window is the specials menu (all $15) that’s regularly updated.

There’s a designated playpen for the little ones with more brightly coloured images on the wall.

Tea cups filled with sugar sticks adorn each table giving an extra feminine touch.

I noticed that Two Before Ten coffee bean bags are displayed on the counter and ordered my usual soy mocha ($4.50). Served with a marshmallow on top, I’m really happy with this velvety chocolatey coffee. Love the brightly coloured coffee cups and saucers.

Most brekky dishes are $10-$15. Great value! To continue the pig theme, I ordered Jordo’s real smoked bacon and two eggs on a brioche roll with Swiss cheese and caramelised onion relish ($10). Strong sweet and salty flavours dominate this dish. The sweetness of the relish and brioche are balanced out with the saltiness of the bacon (lots of it). That onion relish was fantastic. The Swiss cheese was a good addition to the roll and together with the fried eggs, combines the sweet-savoury aspects. A modern twist to your typical bacon and egg roll. This would still work well with normal unsweetened bread.

My friend ordered the chorizo, avocado and Persian fetta bruschetta with tomato and rocket ($15). This looked fresh and healthy with thick slices of chorizo layered underneath the rocket (not so healthy).

A small nook with a couch and bench for those wanting a coffee and to read the morning’s paper.

I thought this was a lovely small colourful cafe at the Cook shops. The weekend brunch menu is affordable. The cafe is very obviously kid-friendly with a large play pen inside and an option that anything on the menu can be made into a half serve for kids. There is limited seating due to the small venue so try to get there early for weekend brunch.

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Foodgasm 6.5/10
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